Sea Boat Fishing Multiplier Reels

Sea fishing multiplier reels for boat fishing are available in two main types - lever drag reels and star drag reel. Some reels feature a level wind, which evenly distributes the line on the spool during the retrieve without any input required from the angler. Star drag reels feature a drag adjustment just behind the reel handle and a lever or button to engage and disengage freespool. The freespool lever is engaged to allow the lead to be lowered to the bottom or cast and then disengaged applying the drag to the spool again. Star drag reels are often lighter than lever drags but often don't offer as much drag pressure.
Lever drag reels don’t have a freespool or a star drag adjustment but have a progressive lever that is eased all the way off to put the reel in freespool and is pushed forward to increase drag until the lever hits a stop, which gives a predetermined drag setting. Lever drags are good for bait fishing as they can be changed from a light drag to full drag to set the hook in a split second and often give a higher maximum drag compared to a star drag of the same size.

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  1. Penn International VI
    from £769.99
  2. Shakespeare Salt Multiplier
    £39.99 RRP £42.99 Save £3
  3. Penn Squall II Level Wind
    £114.99 RRP £132.99 Save £18
  4. DAM Quick 4 Line Counter
    from £79.99 RRP £89.99 Save £10
  5. Shimano Tekota
  6. Penn Fathom Lever Drag
    from £209.99 RRP £219.99 Save £10
  7. Penn Warfare Level Wind
    from £74.99 RRP £84.99 Save £10
  8. Daiwa Sealine SLOSH Multiplier
    £109.99 RRP £125.00 Save £15.01
  9. Okuma Classic XPD Pro Linecounter Reel
    £69.99 RRP £99.99 Save £30
  10. Penn Squall Lever Drag
    from £169.99 RRP £184.99 Save £15
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