Fishing Clothing Accessories & Care

Discover the essentials for keeping your fishing clothing in prime condition in our Fishing Clothing Care & Accessories collection. We offer a range of specialized products designed to extend the life of your gear and ensure you're comfortable on every fishing trip.

Explore our selection of clothing care items, including detergents and waterproofing solutions, to maintain the performance of your fishing apparel. With these products, you can maximize the longevity and functionality of your fishing clothing, so you can focus on what you love most – fishing. Shop now to elevate your fishing experience!

What are retainers for fishing sunglasses?

Retainers for fishing sunglasses are cords or straps that attach to the sunglasses' temples, ensuring they stay securely around the angler's neck. This prevents the sunglasses from falling off, getting lost, or sinking if dropped in water, especially during active fishing scenarios. Retainers are particularly useful for fishermen who move around frequently, whether on a boat or along a riverbank.

How do you put on a sunglasses retainer?

To put on a sunglasses retainer, slide each end of the retainer over the temples of the sunglasses. Ensure it's securely attached, and then adjust the retainer's length or tightness as needed, so it sits comfortably around your neck. Some retainers come with adjustable features or clasps for a more customized fit.

Do waterproof jackets need reproofing?

Yes, waterproof jackets, over time and with regular use, can lose their water-repellent properties. Reproofing helps restore these properties, ensuring the jacket remains water-resistant and continues to perform optimally in wet conditions.

How do I make my fishing jacket water resistant again?

To make a fishing jacket water-resistant again, you can use a water-repellent spray or wash-in product designed for outdoor garments. First, clean the jacket according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once clean and dry, apply the reproofing agent following the product's directions. Ensure even coverage, and then allow the jacket to dry thoroughly.

Do fabric water reproofers work on breathable fabrics?

Yes, many fabric water reproofers are designed to work on breathable fabrics without compromising their breathability. These reproofing agents rejuvenate the water repellency of the fabric while ensuring moisture from the body can still escape, maintaining the garment's comfort and functionality.

How can I fix leaking waders and what glue should I use?

To fix leaking waders, first identify the leak by filling the waders with water or fill with air and submerge under water or using a flashlight in a dark room. Once the leak is found, dry the area and clean it. Use a specialised wader repair glue or sealant, applying it to the leak and allowing it to cure as per the product's instructions. Some common glues for this purpose include Aquasure.

Can neoprene waders be repaired?

Yes, neoprene waders can be repaired. Small holes or tears can be mended using wader glue or patches. For larger damages, it might be beneficial to consult with a professional or consider replacing the waders.

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