Fishing Floats

Welcome to our Floats category, where you'll find a diverse range of floats designed to enhance your trout and salmon fishing experience. Float fishing is an effective technique for both running water and stillwater fishing, and having the right float is crucial for success. Our collection includes floats for trotting baits in running water, waggler floats for precise presentation, and bubble floats for stillwater fishing.

Float fishing allows you to suspend your bait at a desired depth, providing excellent visibility and bite indication. Whether you're targeting trout in a stillwater or salmon in rivers, our floats offer stability, buoyancy, and sensitivity to detect even the subtlest of bites. Upgrade your float fishing gear with our premium floats and enjoy the thrill of watching your float disappear beneath the surface as a trout or salmon takes the bait. Shop our Floats category now and improve your success on the water!

Fishing floats overview

Fishing floats are useful indicators for trout and salmon bait fishing as they provide visual cues and help detect when a fish has taken your bait. They come in various shapes and sizes, and choosing the right float is important to ensure effective fishing and strike detection.

When selecting fishing floats for trout and salmon fishing, one of the key considerations is the size and weight of the float. The size of the float should be suitable for the fishing conditions and the target fish species. Larger floats are generally used for salmon fishing, as they can support heavier baits and handle the strong movements of these fish. Smaller floats are more appropriate for trout fishing, where finesse presentations and sensitive indication may be required. Additionally, consider the weight of the float to ensure it provides proper buoyancy and stays afloat and cocks properly in the water while supporting the bait.

Float shape is another factor to consider. Traditional round floats often referred to as bubble floats are versatile and suitable for a wide range of fishing applications. They offer stability and visibility, making them ideal for beginners or anglers who prefer simplicity. Pencil-shaped floats are slender and designed for detecting subtle strikes or delicate presentations. They are often used for trout fishing in clear water or when fish are finicky. Other float shapes, such as loafer or oval floats, provide a balance between stability and sensitivity and are commonly used for various fishing techniques.

Material and construction are important factors to consider when choosing fishing floats. Common materials used for floats include plastic, balsa wood, foam or a combination of these. Plastic floats are durable and versatile, suitable for a wide range of fishing conditions. Balsa wood floats are lightweight and highly sensitive, making them excellent for detecting even the slightest nibble. Foam floats offer buoyancy and visibility and are often used in rough or fast-flowing waters. Consider the material that best suits your fishing needs and preferences.

Visibility is crucial when selecting fishing floats. Brightly coloured floats are highly visible and help anglers detect bites or movements more easily. Fluorescent colours like orange, chartreuse or pink are commonly used for increased visibility, especially in low-light conditions or when fishing at a distance. Consider the fishing conditions and the visibility required to ensure your float is easily visible against the water's surface.

Lastly, consider the attachment method of the float. Some floats come with fixed attachments that require threading the fishing line through a hole or attaching with rubber bands. Others offer adjustable attachments, such as sliders or clips, that allow for quick depth adjustment or easy attachment to the fishing line. Choose a float with an attachment method that suits your fishing technique and allows for quick and secure setup.

Before making a purchase, it's helpful to gather information on the specific fishing floats that are popular and effective for trout and salmon fishing. Read reviews, talk to local anglers, or consult with fishing experts to get insights on the float designs and brands that have proven successful. Experimenting with different sizes, shapes and materials can also be beneficial to find the float that works best for your fishing style and the fish species you are targeting.

By considering the size, weight, shape, material, visibility and attachment method of fishing floats, you can make an informed decision and choose the right float that enhances your strike detection, improves your fishing experience and increases your chances of success in trout and salmon fishing.

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