Fishing Floats

Floats for trout fishing are often used on rivers and stillwaters to suspend a baited hook at a predetermined depth making it easier for trout to find the bait. Bubble floats are commonly used on stillwaters. They are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit different fishing distances and weather conditions. Bubble floats have plugs that can be removed that allow them to be partly filled with water, this adds weight for casting and makes the float sit lower in the water, making it more sensitive and less affected by wind. Bright coloured floats are easier to see, especially when fished at range, while clear floats are less likely to spook wary fish.
Floats like loafers and stick floats are designed for running water, they are fished with the line attached alongside the float using float rubbers and are trotted down the river with the bait held below, often weighed down with a split shot.

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