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Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Accessories collection, where every angler's needs are met. Our assortment includes essential accessories like precision scales, fishing towels, line loading gadgets, and more. These accessories are designed to complement your fishing experience, ensuring you're well-prepared and equipped for any situation.

Quality and reliability are paramount to us, which is why we stock trusted brands and top-notch products. From weighing your trophy catch to keeping your gear in optimal condition, our accessories will become indispensable tools in your angling arsenal. Shop now to gear up for success on the water!

What are the best weigh scales for pike fishing?

The best weigh scales for pike fishing are those that are robust, accurate and water-resistant. Brands like Reuben Heaton are popular choices among pike anglers for their reliability and precision. Digital scales are now also very common, offering accurate readings that are easy to record.

What weight should my pike and perch scales go up to?

For pike fishing, scales should ideally go up to at least 40 pounds (18 kg) to ensure they can weigh larger specimens. For perch, which are generally smaller, scales that go up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) should suffice.

How do you weigh a pike?

To weigh a pike safely, first ensure it's settled after capture. Then, using a weigh sling or net, carefully place the pike inside. Attach the sling or net to your scale, lift and record the weight. Deduct the weight of the sling or net to get the accurate weight of the fish. Always support the fish horizontally and never hang the fish vertically by the gills or jaw. We also recommend not standing upright with the fish as we don't want to drop the fish and never from an upright position.

What tool can I use to measure pike?

A fish measuring board or mat, is a popular tool to measure pike. It provides a flat surface with markings to give an accurate length reading. When measuring, ensure the fish's nose is against the board's starting edge, and then read the length at the tail's tip.

Do I need gloves for unhooking pike?

While not absolutely necessary, gloves are highly recommended when unhooking pike. Pike have sharp teeth and a protective glove can prevent cuts and provide a better grip, especially with larger, more powerful fish.

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