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Fishing rucksacks allow anglers to easily and comfortably carry the tackle and equipment required for a day's fishing. Smaller rucksacks are perfect for quick sessions or when lure fishing or fly fishing. They hold tackle boxes or lure boxes and any tackle required for the day while being light and compact allowing the angler to stay mobile and easily carry them around throughout the day. Larger rucksacks are great for longer sessions when more tackle is required. Bigger rucksacks are great for sea fishing or predator fishing when more tackle is required and the angler generally spends more time in one swim.
Some rucksacks feature built-in seats or stools. These have the benefit of allowing anglers to carry tackle and equipment and double as a chair once the angler reaches their chosen swim

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  1. Ron Thompson Camo Backpack Chair
    Special Price £46.99 RRP £59.99 Save £13
  2. ProLogic Avenger Rucksack
    Special Price £54.99 RRP £59.99 Save £5
  3. Shakespeare Salt Rucksack
    Special Price £49.99 RRP £52.99 Save £3
  4. Shakespeare SKP Rucksack
    Special Price £74.99 RRP £79.99 Save £5
  5. Shakespeare SKP Combination Rucksack
    Special Price £79.99 RRP £84.99 Save £5
  6. Shakespeare SKP Compact Rucksack
    Special Price £64.99 RRP £69.99 Save £5
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