Pike Flies / Predator Flies

Pike fishing flies are often large patterns tied to imitate baitfish pike and predatory fish will commonly feed on. These large flies are commonly tied with flashy materials that enhance their attraction, and soft synthetic or natural materials to promote movement in the fly as it’s retrieved through the water. Pike flies are often tied to imitate a specific prey fish species but can also be tied in bright, flashy colours to provoke a reaction from fish.
Pike flies are commonly tied directly on hooks, sometimes with a second trailing stinger hook held off the back of the first hook on a piece of wire to increase hook up rate. These flies are easy to use and are clipped onto a wire trace on the end of the leader. Pike tube flies are also available, these flies feature similar patterns but are dressed on tubes rather than straight on a hook. Tube fly rigs, consisting of hooks on a wire trace, are threaded through the tube fly and tied onto the leader.

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