Pike & Predator Jig Heads

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Jig Heads category, where your pursuit of freshwater giants is powered by precision. Our selection of jig heads is designed to provide you with the ideal tools for delivering lifelike presentations and provoking aggressive strikes from pike, perch, and other predatory species.

Jig heads are renowned for their versatility and effectiveness, making them a must-have in any predator angler's tackle box. Our range includes a variety of sizes and styles to match your preferred soft lures and fishing conditions. Explore our selection and discover the jig heads that will help you achieve perfect bait presentation and secure your trophy catch. Dive in today and prepare for success on the water!

What are fishing jig heads?

Jig heads are a type of fishing lure made up of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it. They often have a painted or metallic head and some come with additional features like eyes or spinner blades. Jig heads are typically used with soft plastics or other materials to form the body, which can be switched out depending on the fishing conditions and target species.

What UK species can I catch with jig heads?

With jig heads, anglers in the UK can target a variety of species including perch, pike, zander, bass, pollack, wrasse and even trout. The type of soft plastic and size of the jig head used can determine which species you are more likely to catch.

Are jig heads good for pike and perch?

Yes, jig heads paired with the appropriate soft plastic can be very effective for targeting both pike and perch. Pike often respond well to larger soft plastics that mimic fish, while perch can be enticed with smaller grubs or worm-like soft plastics.

What style of jig head is best?

The best style of jig head often depends on the fishing conditions and target species. Round jig heads are versatile and can be used in various situations. Football jig heads are ideal for rocky terrains. Stand-up jig heads ensure the lure stays upright on the bottom and swim jig heads are designed for more horizontal presentations. It's good to have a variety of styles in your tackle box to adapt to different situations.

Do I need a separate body for jig heads?

Typically, yes. Jig heads are designed to be paired with a separate body, often made from soft plastic materials. This design allows anglers to easily switch out bodies without changing the entire lure, offering flexibility in matching the lure to the fishing conditions and target species.

Are jig heads good value for money?

Jig heads can be considered good value for money, especially when used with soft plastic bodies. They are generally less expensive than many hard lures and the ability to switch out damaged or ineffective soft plastic bodies without replacing the entire lure can result in cost savings over time.