Pike Fishing Rig Components

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What is the best pike rig?

The best pike rig often depends on the specific fishing conditions and the angler's personal preferences. However, the deadbait float ledgering rig and the paternoster rig are among the most popular and effective for pike fishing. Both rigs allow for efficient presentation of bait, with the float ledgering rig being particularly useful in shallow waters and the paternoster rig offering a static bait presentation near the bottom.

What is the best time of year to go pike fishing in the UK?

In the UK, the colder months, specifically from October to March, are considered the best time for pike fishing. During this period, pike are at their largest weight and may feed aggressively in preparation for the spawning season in spring. While pike can be caught year-round, the chances of catching bigger specimens increase during these colder months.

What do I need to ledger for pike?

Ledgering for pike requires a few essential components: a strong and durable rod with a test curve of at least 2.5lbs +, a reliable reel loaded with strong line (15-20lbs is common), wire traces to prevent bite-offs, a ledger weight to keep the bait at the desired depth and suitable hooks (often size 4-8 trebles) for presenting deadbaits. Additionally, bite indicators or alarms can be used to alert the angler when a pike takes the bait.

What is a pop-up rig for pike?

A pop-up rig for pike is a setup where the bait is presented off the bottom, making it more visible to the pike and less susceptible to snags. This is achieved using buoyant baits or adding buoyancy to the bait using foam or pop-up beads. The bait floats above the weight, which is on the bottom, creating an enticing presentation for pike. This rig can be particularly effective in waters with a lot of weed or debris on the bottom.