Coarse fishing floats come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit various different fishing styles and target fish species. Waggler floats are attached to the line bottom end only and are primarily used for fishing stillwaters or slow flowing rivers. Running floats, like avons and stick floats, are attached with the line running along the length of the float using float rubbers. These floats are commonly used for trotting baits in flowing water.
Waggler floats are available in various shapes and sizes. Small floats with thin tips are designed to be sensitive and register shy bites from smaller fish species easier. Bigger waggler floats, like pellet wagglers, are used for fishing bigger baits like pellets higher in the water for bigger species like carp. Some floats feature built in weights meaning less split shot is required to set the float. Running water floats often feature a metal stem, this adds some weight to the bottom of the float and keeps it more stable in river currents.