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Fishing Tackle Storage

Discover our Fishing Tackle Storage solutions designed to keep your gear organized and easily accessible. Whether you need a sturdy tackle box for lures, hooks and accessories or a versatile tackle bag for on-the-go convenience, we have you covered. Our selection includes various sizes and designs to suit different fishing styles, from freshwater to saltwater.

Stay prepared for your next fishing adventure with high-quality storage options that protect your valuable tackle from the elements. At Angling Active, we offer a range of tackle storage solutions to meet your needs. Browse our selection today and ensure your gear is in top condition, ready for your next successful fishing trip!

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Jarvis Walker Lure Boxes - Angling Active
from £3.15
Simms GTS Padded Cube - Tackle Bags Storage Cases
from £28.99
Flambeau 1 Tray Classic Box With Flip Lid - Tackle Box
Plano Connectable Satchel - Tackle Storage Essential Waterproof Box
from £10.99
Leeda Hook Length Box - Tackle Storage Box
from £3.99
Plano Guide Series Airliner Telescopic Rod Tube - Travel Rod Case
Special Price £79.99 RRP £84.99
Plano Prolatch Line Spool box - Tackle Storage Box
Tronixpro Rig Winder Labels - Angling Active
Special Price £1.99 RRP £2.19
Fishpond Stowaway Reel Case - Angling Active
Special Price £99.99 RRP £119.99
Scientific Anglers Absolute Leader Wallet - Angling Active
Scientific Anglers Shooting Head Wallet - Angling Active
Savage Gear SG Lure Boxes - Angling Active
from £4.49 RRP £4.99
Fox EOS Loaded Tackle Box Large - Angling Active
Special Price £32.99 RRP £34.99
Loon Outdoors Quickdraw Reel Case - Angling Active
from £18.99 RRP £19.99
Rapala RCD Disposal Container – Angling Active
Plano 4-By Series Rack Box - Angling Active
Special Price £32.99 RRP £34.99
Fox Rage Tool Wrap - Fishing Accessories Storage Bundle
from £49.99 RRP £59.99
Hardy Neoprene Reel Case - Angling Active
from £11.99
Fox Camolite Accessory Bag
from £9.99
Savage Gear WPMP Lurebag - Angling Active
from £10.49 RRP £11.99
Plano 2 Tier Organiser Box - Angling Active
Savage Gear Specialist Soft Lure Bag - Angling Active
Special Price £49.99 RRP £55.99
Le Chameau Boot Bag - Angling Active
Inova Lug-It Base Station - Angling Active
Special Price £49.99 RRP £54.99

Further info regarding tackle storage options:

Tackle boxes: Traditional tackle boxes are portable storage devices with various compartments. They are typically made of hard plastic and come in different sizes, offering organised space for lures, hooks, sinkers and other tackle.

Soft tackle bags: These are soft-sided bags made from materials like nylon or polyester. They often have multiple zippered pockets and compartments and can come with removable plastic utility boxes inside for organized storage.

Tackle backpacks: Designed for anglers who need to walk to their fishing spots, these backpacks combine the storage features of tackle boxes with the portability and comfort of backpacks. They often have dedicated spaces for utility boxes and additional pockets for personal items.

Bait binders: These are designed to hold soft plastic lures or other soft baits. The pages inside the binder have clear plastic sleeves or pockets, making it easy to organise and find specific baits.

Utility boxes: Made of clear or translucent plastic, these boxes have adjustable dividers to create custom-sized compartments. They are often used inside soft tackle bags or tackle backpacks to provide organised storage for various tackle items.

Bucket organisers: These are designed to fit over standard-sized buckets and offer external pockets and loops for tools and tackle. The bucket itself can be used to store larger items.

Fishing line spool boxes: These are designed to hold and protect multiple spools of fishing line, keeping them from tangling and ensuring they're easily accessible.

Lure or tool wraps and wallets: These are protective wallets that hold lures and/or tools, especially those with sharp hooks, to prevent them from tangling with other gear or causing injury when not in use.

Rig wallets: These bags are typically designed to store sea rigs but can store all types of fishing rigs, often in a padded environment to ensure protection during transport.