Fishing Tackle & Lure Boxes

Explore our extensive collection of fishing tackle boxes, specially designed to keep your fishing gear organised and easily accessible. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, having the right tackle box can make a world of difference. Our range includes everything from compact, portable options for quick trips to spacious, multi-tray tackle boxes for the avid angler.

Our tackle boxes are built to withstand the demands of fishing, with durable materials that can handle exposure to water and the elements. You'll find various sizes and configurations to accommodate lures, hooks, lines and other tackle box fishing accessories. With secure closures and sturdy handles, our tackle boxes ensure that your gear is protected and ready for action. Browse our selection at Angling Active to find the perfect tackle box for your fishing adventures!

Fishing Tackle Boxes Overview

When it comes to organising, storing and transporting essential fishing gear, a fishing tackle box stands as a quintessential storage accessory for both beginner and seasoned anglers. These indispensable products are designed to safeguard hooks, lures, baits, lines and other small accessories, ensuring they're ready for use at a moment's notice.

Huge Variety to Match Every Anglers Need: Fishing tackle boxes come in an array of styles and sizes, catering to different fishing methods and angler preferences. From simple single-tray boxes for the casual weekend fisher to large multi-tray and drawer systems for the avid angler, there's a tackle box to match every requirement.

Durable Construction: Constructed primarily from hard-wearing materials like plastic, metal, or even heavy-duty fabric, these boxes are designed to withstand the rigours of fishing trips. Many offer water-resistant or waterproof seals, protecting valuable tackle from the elements and potential water damage.

Intuitive Design for Organised Storage: Inside a tackle box, anglers can expect various compartments, trays and slots, all created to house different tackle items. Clear-lidded versions allow for easy visibility of contents, while adjustable dividers in some models let users customize their storage space.

Portability and Convenience: Many tackle boxes feature ergonomic handles for comfortable carrying, while others come with shoulder straps for easy transportation. Compact designs can fit into larger fishing bags, while larger models may include wheels and extendable handles, functioning much like a suitcase.

Specialised Features: To cater to the diverse needs of the angling community, some tackle boxes are designed with unique features. These may include; corrosion-resistant materials for saltwater fishing, or even built-in rulers for measuring catches.

Brands and Options: Leading brands such as Plano, Fox and Daiwa offer a range of tackle boxes, from basic models for beginners to advanced options with specialised features for professional anglers. Whether you're freshwater fishing, deep-sea angling or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon at the local pond, there's a tackle box designed with your needs in mind.

In conclusion, fishing tackle boxes serve as the organizational necessity for any fishing trip. By ensuring each piece of tackle is safely stored and easily accessible, anglers can focus on what they love most: the thrill of the catch! Investing in a quality tackle box from Angling Active's diverse range guarantees not only organized gear but also peace of mind during every fishing adventure.

What is a good fishing tackle box?

A good fishing tackle box is one that offers durability, ample storage space and compartments to organise various fishing accessories efficiently. It should be made of high-quality materials to withstand the elements and regular usage and ideally, it would be water-resistant or waterproof to protect the contents. The design should also cater to the angler's specific needs and fishing style.

How do I choose the correct tackle box?

Choosing the correct tackle box depends on your fishing style, the gear you use, and where you typically fish. Consider the size and number of compartments you need, the type of materials it's made of and any specialised features you might require. Think about portability and how you'll transport it. Also, reading reviews and seeking recommendations from experienced anglers can be beneficial.

What is a cantilever tackle box?

A cantilever tackle box features multiple trays or layers that spread out when the box is opened, providing easy access to all compartments at once. This design makes it simple to view and retrieve contents without having to dig deep into the box, making it especially useful for anglers with a variety of lures and accessories.

What is a rubber sealed tackle box?

A rubber sealed tackle box comes with a rubber gasket or seal around the edges of its opening. This design ensures that the box remains water-tight, protecting the contents from moisture, corrosive saltwater and potential water damage, especially useful in wet environments or when the box might get splashed.

How do I choose a tackle box for sea fishing?

When choosing a tackle box for sea fishing, it's essential to consider the corrosive nature of saltwater. Opt for a box made from corrosion-resistant materials or with a special protective coating. A rubber-sealed box can prevent saltwater intrusion. Additionally, choose a box with adequate storage for the larger lures and gear typically used in sea fishing and ensure it's durable enough to handle the rigors of the marine environment.

Are tackle boxes good for carp fishing?

Yes, tackle boxes are excellent for carp fishing. Carp anglers often require a range of accessories, baits and rigs, so a well-organized tackle box can be invaluable. Look for a box with multiple compartments to separate different types of tackle, and one that's robust enough to handle the weight of carp fishing gear. Some specialised tackle boxes for carp fishing even come with additional features tailored to the needs of carp anglers.

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