Fly Fishing Tapered Leaders & Sink Tips


Browse our diverse selection of high-quality tapered leaders and sink tips designed for trout and salmon fly fishing enthusiasts. We understand the importance of a well-designed leader system in presenting flies effectively and enticing strikes from fish which is why we stock all the popular options from top brands!

For trout fly fishing, our collection includes tapered mono leaders and polyleaders that offer excellent turnover and delicate presentations. These leaders are meticulously designed to provide optimal control and accuracy, allowing you to effectively present your flies to wary trout in various fishing situations. With different lengths and tapers available, you can choose the perfect leader for your specific fishing needs. Our range of trout polyleaders are also available in different densities, from floating to fast sinking, to help get your fly where it needs to be

For those pursuing salmon, our specialist tapered leaders and sinking tips are specifically crafted to handle the challenges of salmon fishing. These leaders and sink tips are designed with the strength and durability required to tackle powerful salmon species. They provide excellent turnover and precise fly depth control, ensuring your presentations are enticing and effective. With tips from top brands to match everything from Spey to Scandi to Skagit style lines, we’re sure to have a tip to match your line

Elevate your angling game and maximize your chances of success on the water. Browse our selection and find the ideal tapered leaders and sink tips for your next fly fishing adventure!

Fly line leaders and tips are essential components of a fly fishing setup - these products can be attached to the front of your fly line. They help present the fly delicately, fly depth and can improve the fly presentation. Here is an overview of different types of fly line leaders and tips:

Tapered Mono or Fluorocarbon Leaders: Tapered leaders can also be referred to as knotless leaders are the most commonly used type of leaders in fly fishing. They are typically made of monofilament or fluorocarbon and feature a gradual taper from thick to thin. The thick end attaches to the fly line, while the thin end attaches to the tippet or fly. Tapered leaders help transfer energy smoothly during casting, provide accurate turnover, and ensure a more natural presentation of the fly. Tapered leaders can allow you to extend the distance between your flies/tippet and your ticker fly line.

Sinking Poly-Leader Tips: Sink tips are versatile additions to a floating fly line. These sinking tips are made from a flexible polymer material and come in various sink rates (e.g. intermediate, fast-sink, extra-fast sink). Poly-leader tips allow you to fish at different depths by changing the sink tip rate according to the conditions. They are commonly used as easy way to change fishing depth quickly and subsurface fly presentations.

Pre-Made Wet Fly Casts with Droppers: Wet fly casts, also known as multi-fly setups, are designed to imitate insects or other aquatic creatures at different stages. They consist of a tapered leader with multiple tippet sections extending from it. These tippet sections, often referred to as droppers, are tied off the main leader and hold additional flies. Wet fly casts with droppers allow you to fish multiple flies simultaneously, increasing your chances of enticing fish to strike.

When selecting leaders and tips, consider your fishing environment, target species and the type of flies you plan to use. Different situations may require different leader lengths, tapers and strengths. It's also important to match the leader and tippet material to the fly line's weight and the fishing conditions for optimal performance.

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