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Welcome to our fly Lines, leaders & tippet shop, where we offer you an extensive range of fly fishing line products from the most trusted brands in the industry. Our collection boasts an impressive array of fly lines, leaders, and tippets, carefully selected to meet the demands of fly fishing enthusiasts. From floating to sinking fly lines, mono to fluorocarbon leaders, and various tippet strengths, we have the perfect options for every fishing situation and preference.

Browse through our comprehensive selection, and discover fly lines engineered for superior casting accuracy and presentation. Our leaders and tippets are designed with utmost strength and invisibility, ensuring you can fool even the most wary fish.

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Discover our comprehensive range of fly fishing essentials, including fly lines, leaders, tippet, backing and braided loops for fly lines. Each component plays a vital role in your fly fishing setup, offering specific functions and benefits to your fly fishing experience. Fly lines play a crucial role in fly fishing, serving as the connection between the angler and the fish. They are specially designed lines that are cast using fly rods to deliver near weightless flies to the desired location on the water's surface or beneath. Let's navigate the world of fly lines, including their modern manufacturing, leading brands, different specifications, tapers and a brief history of this product range.

Fly Fishing Lines

Fly lines are the key element of your fly fishing outfit. They provide the necessary weight to load the rod, allowing you to cast your flies far out onto the water. Our selection includes various types of fly lines, such as floating fly lines, sinking lines and intermediate fly lines, each designed to match specific fishing conditions and target species. Whether you're fishing in freshwater or saltwater, our high-quality fly lines ensure optimal performance and superior presentation.

Modern Manufacturing of Fly Lines:

Fly lines are typically made of a durable, synthetic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Modern manufacturing techniques allow for precise control over the density, weight and taper of the fly lines. The process involves extruding the PVC material through dies of various diameters to create different sections of the line with varying thicknesses (tapers).

Leading Fly Line Brands:

There are several key brands that specialise in producing high-quality fly line - some of the leading brands in the industry include:

- Scientific Anglers: Known for their innovative "slickness" technology and wide range of fly lines suitable for various fishing conditions and techniques.

- RIO Fly Lines: A popular brand that offers a diverse selection of fly lines designed for different species and environments.

- Airflo: Known for their advanced manufacturing processes and specialty lines, including floating, sinking and specialised taper designs.

Different Fly Line Specifications and Tapers:

Fly lines come in various specifications and tapers to accommodate different fishing scenarios and casting techniques. Here are some of the common specifications and tapers you'll encounter:

- Weight (WT): Fly lines are assigned a weight rating, ranging from 1 to 15 - with larger numbers indicating heavier lines! The weight of the line should match the weight designation of the fly rod you're using for optimal performance and a "balanced outfit".

- Floating Lines: are designed to float on the water's surface and are suitable for dry fly fishing or fishing with flies near the surface.

- Sinking Lines: Sinking lines are denser and designed to sink below the water's surface. They are used when fishing subsurface or targeting deep-water species.

- Weight Forward (WF) Taper: This taper features a thick, heavy front section that gradually tapers down to a thinner running line. It provides excellent casting distance and is versatile for a wide range of fishing techniques. (most popular!)

- Double Taper (DT): This taper has a uniform thickness throughout most of the line, except for the front and back sections, which gradually taper down. DT lines can offer delicate presentations and are suitable for shorter casting distances and line mending.

- Specialty Tapers: There are various specialty tapers available, including pike, saltwater taper, nymphing taper and Spey taper. Each taper is designed for specific fishing applications and casting styles.

Brief History:

Fly lines have evolved significantly over the years. In ancient times, natural materials such as horsehair and silk were used to construct fly lines. In the mid-20th century, PVC-coated fly lines became popular due to their durability and casting performance. The introduction of weight-forward tapers revolutionized fly casting, allowing for increased distance and accuracy. Modern manufacturing techniques have further refined fly lines, offering anglers a wide range of options tailored to different fishing scenarios and preferences.

When selecting a fly line, consider the fishing conditions, target species, casting preferences, and the recommendations of experienced anglers or fly fishing professionals. Experimenting with different lines can help you find the perfect match for your specific needs and enhance your overall fly fishing experience.

Fly Line Leaders

Fly line leaders & tips serve as part of the connection between your fly line and the fly. They provide a smooth transition for accurate fly delivery and help ensure smooth fly turnover. Our leaders are available in different lengths and tapers to match your fishing preferences and conditions. Choose from standard monofilament leaders or explore advanced options like fluorocarbon leaders for enhanced stealth and abrasion resistance.

Fly Fishing Tippet

Fly fishing tippet is a low diameter, transparent fishing line that extends the length of your leader. It serves as the final connection between the leader and the fly, allowing for delicate presentations and precise fly control. Our range of tippet materials includes monofilament and fluorocarbon, each offering specific advantages in terms of strength, visibility, and sink rates. Explore our selection to find the best tippet for your fly fishing pursuits we also have a comprehensive range of Fly line and tippet treatments

Fly Line Backing

Fly line backing is a strong, low-diameter line that provides additional line capacity on your fly reel. It serves as a overflow (reserve) line, especially when targeting larger fish that may take long runs. Our backing options are carefully chosen for their strength and durability, ensuring a reliable connection between your fly line and reel. With high-quality backing, you can tackle big fish with confidence and have the necessary line capacity for long battles.

Braided Loops

Fly line braided loops are small connectors that facilitate the easy attachment of leaders to fly lines. They provide a seamless transition between the thicker fly line and the leader, ensuring smooth casting and efficient fly changes. Our braided loops are designed to be strong and secure, allowing for quick and reliable connections. They are an essential accessory for fly anglers who want hassle-free setup and versatility in their fishing setups.

Need some help selecting the right fly line or leader? Our fishing blog is packed full of useful fly fishing articles to help you make the right choice!

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