Trout Fishing Flies

Trout fishing flies are designed to either imitate insects and food items trout would naturally eat or to provoke an aggressive or curious response from fish. Imitative trout flies can mimic a wide range of aquatic insects and invertebrates, adult flies, terrestrial insects or small fish and fry. Flies can either closely imitate natural insects or can be tied to look like nothing in particular but represent the general size, shape and colour of a wide range of insects and food items.
Lures are often designed to provoke an aggressive or inquisitive response from fish which are otherwise not interested in feeding. Lures can be bright and flashy or smaller and duller and are often retrieved through the water quickly but can also be fished slow or even static under an indicator.
Some flies feature bead heads or extra weight, this is used to make the fly sink faster and fish deeper in the water. Beaded nymphs are often used for river fishing to get flies down in fast currents.

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