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Fishing Cool Bags & Boxes

Explore our range of Fishing Cool Bags & Boxes designed to keep your bait and catch fresh on your angling adventures. These insulated bags and boxes are essential for any angler, ensuring your bait stays at the right temperature and your catch remains fresh. Our selection includes a variety of sizes and designs to suit your needs.

Whether you're on a short fishing trip or an extended expedition, our cool bags and boxes are built to last and are easy to carry. Shop now at Angling Active to enhance your fishing experience and stay prepared for any fishing situation!

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Abu Garcia Beast Pro Rucksack Cooler Pouch - Fishing Bait Bag
Special Price £15.97 RRP £27.99
PikePro Cool Bag - Fishing Tackle Bait Storage
Penn Cool Bag - Cool Bag - Bait Bag
from £29.99 RRP £31.99
Shakespeare SKP Cool Bag - Bait Storage Bags
from £22.99 RRP £24.99
IMAX Oceanic Cooler Wallet - Fishing Bait Bags
Special Price £16.99 RRP £24.99
Leeda Rogue Cool Bag - Bait Storage Bag
Daiwa Black Widow Chiller Bag - Fishing Cool Bag
Tronixpro Cool Box - Fishing Bait Storage Box
Special Price £19.99 RRP £20.99
Imax Oceanic Bait Bag - Live Dead Bait Storage Pack
Special Price £25.99 RRP £34.99
Plano Frost Cooler - Outdoor Camping Fishing Summer Cooler Cool Storage
from £94.99 RRP £119.99
Shakespeare Folding Stool with Cooler Bag - Fishing Chair Bags
Special Price £44.99 RRP £49.99
Leeda Icon Cool Bag - Bait Storage Luggage
Special Price £19.99 RRP £22.99
Fox Camolite Coolbag - Standard - Baits Storage Bags
Special Price £26.99 RRP £27.99
Pike Pro Cool Pouch Bag - Frozen Bait Storage Luggage
Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Bag - Insulated Tackle Bait Cool Bag
DAM Madcat EVA Belly Boat Cooler Bag - Fishing Food Bait Storage
Special Price £39.99 RRP £49.99

How can i keep my dead bait frozen?

Bait cool bags are designed to keep frozen dead bait or perishable bait in optimal condition during fishing trips. Made from insulating materials like thick foam or specialised thermal lining, these bags maintain a stable temperature to prolong the lifespan of frozen bait such as mackerel, smelt, squid or various others...... High-performance bait cool bags often come with airtight zippers or sealable compartments to prevent any leaks and contain odors. They are generally lightweight, portable and come with easy-carry handles or straps, making them convenient for anglers who are constantly on the move.

Bait cool boxes offer a more robust solution for keeping bait fresh and are particularly useful for longer excursions. These boxes are typically made from hard, insulated materials like heavy-duty plastic and feature secure latching systems to keep the interior sealed. Many high-performance bait cool boxes also come with advanced features such as layered insulation to maintain a constant temperature. The sturdy construction of these boxes makes them ideal for pike fishing.

Both bait cool bags and bait cool boxes aim to solve the problem of keeping bait fresh during fishing trips, but they do so in different ways to suit varying needs and scenarios. Bait cool bags offer portability and are great for shorter trips or more mobile fishing styles. In contrast, bait cool boxes provide a durable and often more advanced solution ideal for anglers who need to keep a large amount of bait fresh for extended periods. Regardless of the type, high-performance bait coolers are essential gear for any serious angler, contributing to a more successful and enjoyable fishing trips.