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Within our Pike and Predator Lure category you can choose from specialist predator fishing lures in hundreds of patterns, colours and styles. We have categories containing the most popular types of predator lures like predator plugs, jig and soft lures, spinners, spoons, jerk baits as well as surface lures. These lures are often designed to imitate a wounded or dying prey fish and can feature enticing patterns and colours, as well as attracting rattles and features that will cause an erratic swimming action through the water. Each lure type has its own pros and cons and having the knowledge and experience to know which lure type, weight, colour or pattern will be most successful at any given time will help you make the most of your time spent lure fishing. Our staff can of course advise on the different lure types and how best to fish with them, but there is often no substitute for local knowledge and the experience that can only be gained with time.

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  1. Savage Gear Perch Pro Kit
    Special Price £11.99 RRP £14.99 Save £3
  2. Savage Gear 3D Hard Eel
    from £9.97 RRP £19.99 Save £10.02
  3. Abu Garcia Rocket Popper
    from £6.47 RRP £6.49 Save £0.02
  4. Savage Gear LB 3D Bleak Paddle Tail
    £3.97 RRP £5.99 Save £2.02
  5. Abu Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid
    from £9.97 RRP £16.99 Save £7.02
  6. Savage Gear 3D Roach Jerkster
    £8.97 RRP £11.99 Save £3.02
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