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Pike & Perch Fishing Lures

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Perch Fishing Lures category, where the pursuit of trophy pike and perch comes alive. Our meticulously curated collection of lures is designed to provide you with the most effective, lifelike, and versatile options for your freshwater predator fishing adventures.

Pike and perch are known for their aggressive nature, and our lures are expertly crafted to provoke their predatory instincts. Explore our range of artificial lures, each optimized for different fishing techniques and conditions. These lures feature lifelike actions, vibrant colours, and realistic designs that make them irresistible to pike and perch. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality Pike & Perch Fishing Lures, designed to elevate your game and secure your angling triumphs. Dive into our selection today, and gear up for your next adventure!

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Z-Man Micro Finesse ShroomZ Jig Head - Angling Active
from £5.97 RRP £5.99
Savage Gear Freestyler V2 - Angling Active
from £10.99 RRP £12.99
Fox Rage Ultra UV Mini Fry Loaded Colour Pack - Angling Active
Special Price £6.99 RRP £7.49
Fox Rage Ultra UV Micro Critter Mixed Colour Pack - Angling Active
Rapala X-Rap Twitchin’ Shad Lures - Crankbaits Wobblers Plugs
from £10.95
Savage Gear Fat Minnow T-Tail RTF Kit - Angling Active
from £10.99 RRP £12.99
Savage Gear 4/0 Weedless Hook - Angling Active
from £4.49 RRP £4.99
Fox Rage Giant Replicant Wobble - Angling Active
from £16.99
Storm Wildeye Live Lure kit - Angling Active
from £11.99
Fox Replicant Trout Jointed Shallow - Angling Active
from £8.99
Savage Gear Deviator Swim - Angling Active
from £13.99 RRP £17.99
Mepps Perch Lure Kit – Angling Active
Special Price £22.99 RRP £24.99
Major Craft Eden Crank Heavy – Angling Active
from £8.97 RRP £10.49
Strike Pro Pig Shad Tournament - Angling Active
from £10.99 RRP £13.99
Savage Gear 3D Whitefish Shad - Angling Active
from £10.99 RRP £12.99
Megabass Vision 110 OneTen Salmon Lures - Crankbait Wobbler Plugs
from £29.99
Megabass Vision 110 Junior Salmon Lures - Angling Active
from £29.99
Savage Gear Perch Academy Lure Kit - Angling Active
Special Price £19.99 RRP £22.99
Fiiish Black Minnow - Soft Plastic Lures
from £9.49
Bluefox Vibrax Foxtail - Spinners Fishing Lures
from £5.35
Savage Gear 3D Hard Eel Lures - Crankbaits Wobblers Plugs
from £15.99 RRP £18.99
Westin RoundUp LT Jig Heads - Fishing Hooks
from £3.99
Z-Man Pro ShroomZ Jigheads - Soft Lure Hooks
from £6.49
VMC 7340RJ Mystic Predator Rugby Jig - Predator Fishing Hooks
from £7.95

What is a fishing lure?

A fishing lure is an artificial bait used to attract and catch fish. Lures are designed to mimic the appearance, movement and sometimes the sound of natural prey, enticing fish to strike. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, each designed for specific fishing conditions and species.

What types of pike lures can I use?

There are several types of lures that can be effective for pike, including:

Spinnerbaits: These have a spinning blade and create vibrations in the water.

Jerkbaits: Designed to mimic the erratic movement of injured fish.

Soft plastics: Imitate the look and feel of natural prey.

Swimbaits: Resemble small fish and have a natural swimming action.

Spoons: Have a curved shape and produce a fluttering motion in the water.

What type of perch lures can I use?

Perch are often less selective than pike, but some effective lures for perch include:

Jigs: Small and often paired with soft plastic grubs or live bait.

Spinnerbaits: Especially smaller sizes with bright colors.

Crankbaits: Small versions can mimic the prey perch typically eat.

Soft plastics: Worms, grubs and minnow-style baits can be very effective.

When should I use a predator lure?

A predator lure should be used when targeting predatory fish species such as pike, perch, bass or zander. The best times to use a predator lure are during their feeding times, which can be early morning, late evening, or when they are actively hunting in the water. Observing local fish behavior, water conditions and seasonal patterns can help determine the optimal time to use a predator lure.