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Pike Fishing Bait Elastic & Baiting Tools

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike Fishing Bait Elastic & Baiting Tools category, where your pursuit of powerful pike is elevated through precise bait presentation. Our meticulously chosen selection of bait elastic and tools is designed to provide you with the means to secure your trophy catch.

Pike Fishing demands baits that stay in place, and our bait elastic ensures your offerings are secure, enhancing their durability and effectiveness. Our baiting tools, including bait needles, assist in effortless and precise bait preparation. Explore our range of versatile bait elastic and baiting tools, each designed to streamline your pike fishing strategy. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality equipment, ensuring your bait presentation is impeccable and your chances of success are maximized!

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Allcock Bait Needle
Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil and Air Kit - Predator Fishing
Pike Pro Oil and Air Kit
Pike Pro Deadbait Needle - Fishing Accessories Tools
Inova Bait Binder - Sea Fishing Bait Elastic Dispenser
Special Price £10.99 RRP £12.99
Fladen Fishing Bait Elastic - Bait Fishing Spools
Special Price £1.95 RRP £2.50
Tronixpro Bait Elastic Dispenser - Bait Fishing Accessories
Special Price £1.75 RRP £2.19
Pike Pro Bait Scissors - Angling Active
Special Price £7.50 RRP £7.99
Fox Towel - Cloth Drying Accessory
Tronixpro Baitex Elastic - Sea Predator Fishing Terminal Tackle
from £4.75 RRP £4.99
Tronixpro Bait Elastic - Bait Fishing Accessories
from £1.99 RRP £2.19
Seatech Storm Deluxe Bait Elastic - Angling Active
Inova Bait Binder Spare Elastic - Bait Elastic
from £2.45 RRP £3.25
Sakuma Bait Elastic
from £2.25
Pike Pro Bait Elastic – Predator Fishing Tackle

What is bait elastic?

Bait elastic is a stretchy, thin thread used by anglers to secure bait on to hooks. It ensures the bait stays intact and firmly attached, especially when casting or when the bait is under water, exposed to currents or the attention of smaller fish.

Should I use bait elastic for pike fishing?

Using bait elastic for pike fishing can be beneficial, especially when using soft or fragile baits that may come loose easily. It ensures that the bait remains on the hook, presenting well to the target fish.

Do I tie a knot in bait elastic?

No, you typically do not need to tie a knot in bait elastic. Instead, you wrap the elastic several times around the bait and hook, stretching it as you go. Once secure, you can simply break or cut off the excess. The tension in the wrapped elastic will keep it in place.

What is a pike bait oil syringe used for?

A pike bait oil syringe is a tool used to inject oils or attractants directly into bait. This ensures that the bait releases the attractant scent over a prolonged period underwater, potentially making it more enticing to pike.

How can I pop-up my pike bait with an air syringe?

An air syringe can be used to introduce a small pocket of air into the bait, making it buoyant or "popped-up". To do this:

Insert the needle of the air syringe into the bait.

Inject a small amount of air into the bait until it achieves the desired buoyancy.

Remove the syringe and present the bait as usual. The bait should now float or suspend off the bottom.

What are the advantages of popping up pike baits?

Popping up pike baits offers several advantages:

It keeps the bait off the bottom, away from debris/weeds and potential snags.

It presents the bait in a more visible and accessible position for pike.

Floating baits can move more naturally with the water currents, potentially attracting more attention.

It can make the bait more noticeable to pike patrolling at mid-water depths.

What are fishing bait scissors used for?

Fishing bait scissors are specialised scissors designed for preparing and cutting bait. They are typically sharper and more robust than regular scissors, allowing anglers to cut through tougher baits like fish, squid or eel with ease. They can also be used to trim excess bait to achieve the desired size or shape.