Saltwater Fly Reels

Saltwater fly reels are available in a range of sizes and styles and are designed for fishing in tough saltwater environments. Fly reels designed for fishing in saltwater often feature sealed drag systems. This means the drag is sealed to prevent water ingress and keep salt out of the drag system which would cause corrosion and rust. This helps prolong the life of the reel.
The size of the reel is often chosen to match the weight of the rod and line that will be used. Lighter reels, in the#6-7 range, are useful when fishing lighter lines and targeting fish such as mullet or mackerel. Reels in the #8-9 size are amongst the most popular saltwater fly reels, they will hold heavier lines used when casting bigger flies for species such as pollock and bass. Larger reels, of #10 and above, offer the most line capacity and increased drag pressure which is useful when fishing for large fish and in extreme conditions.