Fishing Hats & Caps

Looking for the best fishing hats & caps for fishing? Our selection of hats for fishing is where style meets functionality on the water. Whether you're fishing in the sun, rain or cold weather, we have the perfect headwear to keep you comfortable and protected.

Our selection includes a wide variety of fishing hats and caps. Keep your focus on fishing with confidence, knowing you're safeguarded against the elements. Our fishing caps are selected for practicality and style. With options suitable for various weather conditions, you'll find the perfect cap to complete your angling ensemble. We carry quality brands like Simms and waterproof materials to ensure you get the best performance from your fishing headwear. Explore our range now and stay covered on your next fishing adventure with Angling Active!

Fishing Hats and Caps Overview


Traditional fishing caps, often featuring a front bill, serve as a basic protection against the sun. These caps may come with mesh backing for increased breathability, making them ideal for hot and sunny days. Many also feature logos or designs specific to certain fishing brands or species.

Bucket Hats

With their wide and downward sloping brim, offer 360-degree sun protection for the face, neck and ears. They are typically made of cotton or polyester and are both lightweight and comfortable, making them a favorite among anglers.

Thermal Hats

Designed for cold-weather fishing, thermal hats are constructed with insulating materials to keep the head warm. Some may come with ear flaps or be made of wool or fleece to ensure maximum heat retention.

Waterproof Hats

Waterproof fishing hats are designed to keep anglers dry during rain or wet conditions. They are typically constructed with treated materials or have a special coating that repels water. Such hats are essential for those fishing in unpredictable weather or wet environments.

Breathable Hats (Gore-Tex)

Breathable fishing hats, often made of materials like Gore-Tex, allow for ventilation while also providing protection against the elements. These hats are designed to release moisture from the inside, ensuring that the wearer's head remains dry and cool.

Saltwater Fishing Hats

Specifically designed for saltwater environments, these hats are built to resist corrosion from salt air and water. They are usually made of durable materials and may come with features like chin cords to prevent them from being blown away by strong ocean winds.

Wide Brim Hats

As the name suggests, wide brim hats have an extended brim that offers extensive sun protection. Ideal for long hours under the sun, these hats shield the face, neck and shoulders from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn.

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