Salmon Flies


Dive into our collection of Salmon Flies and experience the thrill of targeting these majestic fish on fly. Our premium selection of salmon tube flies and salmon doubles are designed to entice and provoke takes from salmon in rivers. Tied with precision and using top-quality materials, our Salmon Flies feature vibrant colours, lifelike movement, and enticing profiles that either imitate the natural prey of salmon or are designed to provoke an aggressive response from fish.

With a range of sizes and weights available in our tube flies and a multitude of different doubles available, we’re sure to have a pattern and fly to suit a variety of water conditions throughout the season. Shop our extensive collection now and equip yourself with the best flies for successful salmon fishing adventures!

Salmon flies are a diverse category of fishing flies specifically designed for targeting salmon. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles to specifically lure salmon into taking the fly. Here's an overview of different types of salmon flies:

Salmon Fly Singles: Salmon single-hook flies feature a single hook and are commonly used by anglers fishing catch & release. They typically consist of a body, wings and various materials like feathers, fur, and synthetic materials. Hot Tip! - singles can be used in autumn to reduce the chance of hooking leaves as the fly swings across the river

Salmon Fly Doubles: Double-hook salmon flies, as the name suggests, are tied on manufactured double hooks. Doubles offer increased hooking potential due to the additional point, making them popular for salmon fishing.

Salmon Fly Trebles: Treble-hook salmon flies are tied on a 3 point hook. They provide even more hooking potential and are often used for targeting large salmon or in areas where multiple hook points are allowed. However, it's worth noting that regulations regarding the use of treble hooks may vary in different fishing locations. Treble hooks are now often avoided due to the increase in catch and release salmon fishing.

Salmon Conehead Flies: Coneheads are a style of salmon flies that feature a weighted cone-shaped head near the eye of the hook. The conehead helps add weight to the fly, allowing it to sink quickly to the desired depth. This makes conehead tube flies effective for fishing in faster currents or when salmon are holding deeper in the water column.

Salmon Tube Flies: Tube flies are a unique type of salmon fly that utilises a hollow plastic or metal (brass, copper or aluminium) tube instead of a traditional hook shank. The fly is tied onto the tube, and the hook is attached to the trailing end of the tube. Tube flies offer versatility as the angler can change the tube fly hook size and style depending on the fishing conditions or regulations. They also provide a more secure hooking mechanism, as the hook is less likely to pull out during a fight.

Salmon Intruder Flies: Intruder flies are large and highly mobile patterns designed to provoke aggressive strikes from salmon. They typically consist of multiple materials, including feathers, synthetic fibres, and flash. Intruders often have trailing hooks, and their large profile and movement in the water make them effective for targeting aggressive or territorial salmon.

It's important to note that regulations regarding hook types and sizes may vary depending on the fishing location, species, and specific rules and regulations in place. Always check local fishing regulations to ensure compliance when selecting and using salmon flies. Additionally, it's a good idea to consult with local experts or fly shops to get recommendations on effective fly patterns for the specific salmon species and fishing conditions you'll be encountering.

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