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Coarse fishing weights are available in various shapes and sizes and some feature camouflaged coatings to help avoid spooking wary fish. Pear leads, with a swivel or loop at one end, are often used with bolt rigs or running rig set ups. Larger weights can increase the effect of bolt rig set ups whilst smaller leads will make less splash when cast out. Flat pear shape leads are ideal when fishing on sloping bottoms as they won’t roll whilst more aerodynamic pear shapes are better for casting long distances.
Split shots are squeezed onto the line and are often used to weight floats as they are available down to very small sizes. Plummets are also used when float fishing, they are added to the hook and are used to plumb the swim and find the depth before the angler starts fishing.
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Abu Garcia Assorted Split Shot Sinkers Dispensers - Splitshots Weights
Special Price £4.50 RRP £4.99
Guru X-Safe Inline Lead - Coarse Fishing Weights
from £3.49
Fox Edges Horizon Inline Lead - Angling Active
from £1.70 RRP £1.90
Matrix Bottle Bombs MK2 - Angling Active
from £3.49
Matrix Inline Leads - Angling Active
from £3.75
Korda Marker Lead Pronged - Coarse Fishing Weight
Dinsmores Arlesey Bombs (Swivel Bombs) - Fishing Weights
from £3.49
Fox Camotex Swivel Flat Pear Leads - Coarse Fishing Weights
from £1.20
Fox Camotex Distance Leads - Coarse Fishing Weights
from £1.35
Pear Sinkers - Lead Fishing Weights
from £0.50
Fox Camotex In-Line Flat Pear Leads - Coarse Fishing Weights
from £1.25
Daiwa Super Soft Split Shot Refills - Replacement Weights
from £2.65 RRP £2.99
Korda Dark Matter Sinkers - Tungsten Weights Rig Components
from £3.75
Guru Inline Plummets - Coarse Tackle Fishing Weights
from £4.75
Egg Bullets Lead Weights - Sinkers
from £0.45
Dinsmores Ball Legers
from £3.35 RRP £3.50
Dinsmores Cork Plummet - Lead Weights
from £3.35 RRP £3.50
Barrel Leads - Lead Fishing Weights
from £0.75
Korda Intelligent Backleads - Coarse Fishing Weights
from £5.99
Drennan Lock and Slide Olivettes - Coarse Fishing Rig Components Weights
from £2.95
Lemer Splitshots - Dispensers Weights
from £4.25
Daiwa Super Soft Spilt Shot Dispensers - Weights
from £3.85 RRP £3.99