Coarse Fishing Ground Bait

Coarse fishing groundbaits are fed into a chosen swim and are used to draw fish into an area and encourage them to feed. Groundbaits are available in different flavours, colours and mix types all designed to target different fish in different fishing situations.
Most groundbaits are designed to be mixed with water to enable them to be formed into balls. These balls are fed into the swim, either by hand or with use of a catapult to increase range. The groundbait disperses in the water and the smell and taste draw fish into the area.
Feeder fishing groundbait is designed to be fed into the swim through the use of a feeder or method feeder. The feeder is loaded with groundbait and is cast into the swim, drawing fish to the feeder full of bait.
Light colour groundbaits add extra visual attraction while darker baits encourage wary fish to feed more confidently. Different flavour combinations are available to appeal to specific fish species.
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