Pike Fly Reels

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike Fly Fishing Reels category, your essential companion for conquering monster pike. Our curated selection of fly reels is designed to provide you with the reliability, precision, and control needed to master the exhilarating world of pike fly fishing.

Pike Fly Fishing is all about finesse and power. Our fly reels are meticulously crafted to offer the perfect balance between sensitivity and strength, ensuring you have the control required to handle the sudden, explosive strikes of these apex predators. Explore our range of versatile fly reels, each optimized for different pike fly fishing scenarios and techniques. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality Pike Fly Fishing Reels!

What is the best reel for pike fly fishing?

The best reel for pike fly fishing depends on several factors, including your budget, fishing conditions and personal preferences. However, some popular and reliable brands among fly anglers targeting pike include Airflo, Vision and Greys Reels. For pike fishing, you would want a reel with a strong and smooth drag system to handle the powerful runs of the fish. Additionally, a large arbor design is preferable as it allows for faster line retrieval and reduces line memory.

What size fly reel for pike fishing?

For pike fly fishing, a reel designed to accommodate 8-10 weight lines is typically recommended. This provides sufficient backing and fly line capacity while ensuring that the reel can handle the strength of a fighting pike. A reel's size is usually specified by the line weight it's designed for. For example, a reel labeled "8wt" is designed to hold an 8-weight line along with the appropriate amount of backing. Given the size of the flies and the power of pike, an 8-10 weight reel provides the ideal balance of power and functionality.

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