Pike / Predator Spinner Lures

Fishing spinners feature a metal blade which rotates around a wire shaft when retrieved through the water, a lure body which adds weight and is often coloured to add attraction and a hook, usually a treble, at the rear. The spinning blade produces flash and vibration, and can be finished in various colours or patterns, which attracts predatory fish and fools them into thinking the spinner is a small prey fish or a food item enticing them to bites.
Due to their lightweight construction spinners often fish high in the water, which makes them ideal for fishing over weeds where predatory fish hide, but they can be allowed to sink to fish deeper. Smaller spinners in the #1 to #3 size are perfect for targeting fish like perch while bigger spinners in sizes #4 and above are used for targeting pike and other large fish.

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  1. Effzett 3D Nature Spinner
    from £1.99 RRP £2.99 Save £1
  2. Effzett Standard Spinner
    from £1.99 RRP £2.49 Save £0.50
  3. Effzett Fluo Spinner
    from £2.49 RRP £2.99 Save £0.50
  4. Effzett Executor Spinner
    from £2.99 RRP £3.59 Save £0.60
  5. Savage Gear Fat Tail Spin
    from £6.49 RRP £8.49 Save £2
  6. Abu Garcia Droppen Lure
    from £3.99 RRP £4.29 Save £0.30
  7. Abu Garcia Droppen Maxi
    from £5.99 RRP £6.39 Save £0.40
  8. Abu Garcia Droppen 3 Pack
    from £10.99 RRP £11.69 Save £0.70
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