Predator Fishing Spinners

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Spinners category, your gateway to high-octane angling adventures. Our hand-picked selection of spinners is designed to ignite the predatory instincts of pike, perch, and other freshwater giants.

Spinners are renowned for their flashy, spinning blades that mimic the movement of fleeing prey, making them a top choice for provoking aggressive strikes. Our range includes various sizes, colours and blade styles to cater to different fishing conditions and species preferences. Explore our collection today and uncover the spinners that will become your secret weapon on the water. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality Pike & Predator Spinners, designed for maximum action and success!

What is a spinner lure?

A spinner lure is a type of fishing lure that consists of a wire frame bent into a shape. Attached to the frame are one or more spinning blades, a metal body and may include a skirted hook. The spinning blades create vibration and flash as they rotate in the water, attracting predatory fish.

Are spinners for pike any good?

Yes, spinners can be very effective for pike. Their flashy appearance and the vibrations they create when retrieved can trigger aggressive strikes from pike. Larger spinners with more substantial blades are often preferred when targeting bigger pike.

Are spinners for perch any good?

Yes, spinners can also be effective for perch, especially smaller sized spinners that mimic the size of typical perch prey. The flash and vibration can attract perch from a distance, making them a useful tool in various conditions.

Do I need to use a swivel with spinnerbaits?

It's often recommended to use a swivel with spinnerbaits to prevent line twist. The rotating action of the blades can cause the line to twist over time, which can weaken the line and lead to tangles. A swivel helps mitigate this issue.

Do spinnerbaits make a noise?

While spinnerbaits primarily attract fish through their flash and vibration, the rotating blades can also produce a subtle noise underwater, particularly if they have a "hammered" or textured finish. Additionally, some spinnerbaits are designed with beads or additional components that can produce a clicking sound when they collide, adding an auditory attractant.

Why do some spinnerbaits come with single hooks?

Many spinnerbaits are equipped with a single, wide-gap hook to increase hook-up ratios and to allow for better weedless presentations. The design of the spinnerbait, with its lead head and skirt, can help shield the hook point from snagging on vegetation or other underwater structures. This makes spinnerbaits effective in areas with heavy cover.

Should I add bait to a spinnerbait?

While spinnerbaits can be effective on their own, adding bait or a soft plastic trailer can enhance their appeal. Trailers can add more action, profile and scent to the lure. Common choices include soft plastic grubs, paddle tails, or curly tail worms. Experimenting with different trailers can help determine what's most effective for the specific conditions and targeted fish species.

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