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Welcome to our Spoons & Tobys category, where you'll find a diverse selection of lures designed to maximize your success when spinning for trout and salmon. Spoons and Tobys are popular choices among anglers for their enticing action and ability to attract fish. Our collection features a variety of spoons and Tobys in different sizes, colours, and finishes to suit various fishing conditions and preferences. These lures are expertly crafted to mimic the movements of injured baitfish, making them irresistible to trout and salmon.

Spoons are known for their wobbling action and flash, which imitates the erratic behaviour of wounded prey. Tobys, on the other hand, offer a combination of a slender profile and enticing swimming action that entices aggressive strikes. Whether you're targeting trout in stillwaters or salmon in rivers, our spoons and Tobys provide versatility and effectiveness. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Shop our Spoons & Tobys category now and experience the effectiveness of these must-have lures!

What are spoon fishing lures?

Spoon lures are popular fishing lures used in UK fishing and are known for their unique oblong, concave shape that may resemble a spoon. These lures are typically made of metal and have a bend that causes them to flutter and wobble in the water, creating a flashing action, mimicking the movement of injured or fleeing baitfish. Spoon lures are versatile and can be effective for targeting various freshwater and saltwater species.

How to use a spoon lure!

When fishing with spoon lures, the technique usually involves casting the lure out and retrieving it with a steady or erratic motion. The fluttering action of the spoon can attract predatory fish and the angler can vary the speed and depth of the retrieve to entice strikes. Some anglers also experiment with jigging techniques, where the spoon is lifted and dropped vertically to imitate a wounded fish or attract fish from deeper waters.

What to consider when buying a spoon lure!

When considering the purchase of spoon lures, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Firstly, the size and weight of the spoon should match the target species and the conditions you'll be fishing in. Smaller spoons are typically used for smaller fish, while larger spoons can attract larger species. Consider the water conditions as well, as heavier spoons may be needed in fast-moving currents.

The design and colour of the spoon lure can also affect its effectiveness. Many spoon lures feature reflective or metallic finishes that create flashes of light underwater, attracting the attention of fish. Some spoons have painted designs or patterns that imitate specific baitfish species. It can be helpful to have a variety of colours and finishes to test and see which ones work best in different water and light conditions.

Now, let's discuss Toby fishing lures.

Toby lures, also known as Toby spoons are a specific type of spoon lure that originated in Sweden. They are popular among anglers worldwide, including those in the UK. Toby lures have an elongated shape with a convex curved body and a pointed end. They are often made of metal and feature a reflective finish.

When fishing with Toby lures, the technique is similar to other spoon lures. Cast the lure out and retrieve it with a steady or erratic motion to imitate the movement of injured or fleeing baitfish. The unique shape and action of Toby lures make them effective for attracting a variety of freshwater species including trout, salmon, pike and perch.

When making a purchase of Toby lures, consider factors such as size, weight and colour. The size and weight of the Toby lure should match the target species and the fishing conditions. Smaller lures are generally suitable for smaller fish, while larger ones may attract larger predators. As for colour, it's advisable to have a selection of colours to test and see which ones are effective in different water and light conditions.

Furthermore, the quality and durability of the Toby lures are important considerations. Look for well-constructed lures with sturdy hooks and split rings. Ensure that the reflective finish is applied evenly and that the lure has good overall craftsmanship. A well-made Toby lure will be able to withstand the impact of casting and endure the strikes of fish, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness.

In summary, spoon lures are versatile fishing lures used in UK fishing, known for their fluttering and wobbling action. Consider factors such as size, weight, design and colour when purchasing spoon lures. Toby lures, in particular, are a type of spoon lure popular among anglers. When purchasing Toby lures, consider factors such as size, weight, color and overall quality. These considerations will help you select the right lures for the target species, fishing conditions, and angling techniques you plan to use.

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