Rigs & Hooks to Nylon

Hair rigs allow a bait to be attached to a hair coming off the hook rather than hooked directly on the hook itself. This keeps the hook free from the bait meaning the hook point is always exposed, increasing hooking potential, and the hook is free to move separately from the bait and find a place in the fish’s mouth. Hair rigs are commonly used when fishing for species like carp, tench, barbel or bream using baits like boilies or pellets.
Hair rigs are available with different length hairs and hooks to suit different size baits, bigger hooks and are suited to larger baits like large boilies and pop-ups whilst smaller hooks are suited to pellets and smaller boilies. Some rigs feature extender hair stops, these can be used in place of a standard hair stop to effectively extend the length of the hair making the rig more versatile.