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Welcome to our Beach & Shore Fishing category, your one-stop-shop for successful sea fishing from the shoreline. Dive into a carefully chosen selection of equipment, purpose-built for conquering the surf and reeling in a diverse array of saltwater species.

Our collection boasts beachcaster rods, designed to deliver those long-distance casts required to reach fish in the surf. Paired with a fixed spool or multiplier reel, you'll have the power and precision to tackle anything from cod and rays to larger species like tope and skate.

Steady your gear with our sturdy tripods designed to withstand the challenges of shore fishing. Whether you're an experienced shoreline angler or a newcomer, our Beach & Shore Fishing category provides everything you need to enjoy your time by the water – Shop now!

Beach casting

Also known as surf casting, is a method of fishing where the angler stands on the shoreline or wades in the surf and casts their line out into the sea. This method of fishing is popular because it allows the angler to fish without needing a boat. Beachcasting or shore fishing is normally where newcomers can quickly access new fishing adventures. The option is to carry minimal gear and enjoy various marks. However advance anglers will also seek out less known marks.

Beachcaster Rods

A beachcaster rod or surf rod is an essential tool for any UK shore angler. These rods are longer than most freshwater fishing rods, typically measuring between 12 to 16 feet. The length is necessary for casting bait and heavy sea leads far out into the surf. They come in both multi-piece and telescopic designs to make them more portable.

Beachcaster rods are also designed with a larger diameter and strength to handle the heavier weights and stronger pull of sea fish species. High-end beachcaster rods are typically made from carbon fibre, known for its light weight and strength, but less expensive options are available in composite or fiberglass materials. Common features include high-quality, corrosion-resistant guides and a durable, comfortable handle, often made from rubber or EVA foam.

Beach Casting Reels

Beach casting reels, often referred to as surf casting reels are specially designed to withstand the harsh saltwater environment and to cast long distances. They generally have a larger line capacity to accommodate the long casts and potential runs from big fish.

Two main types of reels used in surf casting are spinning reels and multiplier reels. Spinning reels are easy to use and have a great line capacity, making them popular among beginners. Multiplier reels, also known as baitcasting reels, are preferred by experienced anglers due to their precision and the greater distance they can achieve.

Regardless of the type, a good beach casting reel should have a strong, corrosion-resistant construction, often from anodised aluminum or high-grade plastic, a smooth drag system for controlling hooked fish, and sealed bearings to keep out sand and salt.

Beachcaster Combos

Beachcaster combos are rod and reel sets that include both a beachcaster rod and a suitable reel. They are a convenient option for beginners who may not yet know how to properly match a rod with a reel or for those who want a quick and easy setup.

Combo sets typically come with everything pre-assembled, including the line, which can also save time and effort. They are available in a range of prices with more expensive options often including high-quality rods and reels and additional features like extra bearings or superior drag systems.

When choosing a beachcaster combo, it's important to consider the kind of fish you're targeting, as this will affect the size and strength of the rod and reel you need. The combo should also be durable, corrosion-resistant and comfortable to use for extended periods. Anglers often make a choice in quality of sea rods and reels between low cost easy to replace gear or higher end saltwater resistant equipment. We would always advise you to buy the best quality gear you can afford and rinse with freshwater after use. This will allow you to enjoy the best gear and use it year after year which is more sustainable for the environment.

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