Pike Fishing Deadbait Bait Rods

Looking to buy deadbait pike rod? Our range range of branded pike deadbait rods are designed to provide you with the power and precision required to lure and land powerful pike with ease.

Our Pike fishing bait Rods are expertly crafted for power and sensitivity. Engineered to handle the challenges of powerful pike fishing, they ensure you can cast and control large deadbaits effectively, even in challenging conditions. These rods guarantee you detect every subtle take and have the backbone to handle fierce battles. Whether you’re after a shorter pike rod for boat fishing or a powerful rod for blasting deadbaits out from the bank, we’re sure to have something in our range to suit. Browse our selection of best deadbait rods today and gear up for your next adventure!

What rod for dead baiting?

For dead baiting, especially for pike, a medium-heavy to heavy rod is typically recommended. Such rods offer the necessary power and backbone to cast larger dead baits and handle the powerful strikes and runs of big pike.

What is the best rod power for pike?

The best rod power for pike generally ranges from medium-heavy to heavy with a test curve in the region of 2.5lb to 3.5lb class. This provides enough strength and backbone to handle the size and weight of typical pike lures and baits, as well as the fight of a large pike. The specific choice might vary based on the fishing technique and size of the bait or lure being used.

What size of rod should I use for deadbaiting?

For deadbaiting, a rod between 9 to 12 feet is generally ideal. The longer length allows for better casting distance, especially when using larger dead baits. It also provides more leverage during the fight and better line management when setting up bait presentations. Shorter deadbait rods can be used for deadbaiting from a boat or short range work!

Can I use a pike deadbait rod from a boat?

Yes, you can use a pike deadbait rod from a boat. However, when fishing from a boat, you might prefer a slightly shorter rod for better maneuverability, especially when playing a fish close to the boat or navigating around obstacles.

How do you use dead bait for pike?

Using dead bait for pike involves presenting the bait in a way that's appealing to the fish. Here's a basic method:

1. Select a suitable dead bait like mackerel, sardine, or roach.

2. Hook the bait using a wire trace to prevent bite-offs. The bait can be hooked through the lips, dorsal fin or flanks, depending on the desired presentation.

3. Cast the bait to a likely pike location such as near weed beds, structures or drop-offs.

4. Let the bait sink to the desired depth, then wait. A bite alarm or float can be used to detect bites.

5. Once a bite is detected, wait for a few seconds to ensure the pike has taken the bait, then set the hook with a firm strike.

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