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Fly tying is one of those hobbies where you can gather a large collection of various materials and packets that can be hard to keep arranged, even for the most organised person. When storing your fly tying materials you want to be able to put your hand on an item with ease. There is nothing worse when your trying to tie a specific fly and that one material you need is nowhere to be found! With our range of fly tying storage boxes, bags and accessories we've got you covered - from thread spool boxes, to keep your spools neat and tidy and prevent them from unravelling, to large fly tying boxes that'll hold all your tools and materials in one place we have storage solutions to suit every fly tying collection.
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Hareline Dubbing Box
Special Price £5.99 RRP £6.99
Frodin Flies FITS Organiser - Fly Fishing Tub Box Storage
Special Price £19.99 RRP £24.99
Hareline Thread/Spool Stash Box - Fly Tying Storage - Thread Box
Special Price £21.99 RRP £22.99
Hareline Stash Dubbing Pod - Fly Tying Storage - Dubbing Dispenser
UNI Tray Spool Caddy - Fly Tying Storage - Spool Tidy
Special Price £34.99 RRP £36.99
UNI Spool Tray Foam - Fly Tying Material Threads Storage
Special Price £7.99 RRP £8.99
Veniard Empty Dubbing Dispenser Box - Fly Tying Storage Box
Veniard Zenith 2 Box - Fly Tying Storage
Special Price £94.99 RRP £109.99
Plano Guide Series Drawer Tackle Box - Fishing Tackle Storage
Special Price £71.99 RRP £74.99
Plano Hybrid Tray Box	 - Fishing Tackle Storage Box
Special Price £94.99 RRP £99.99
Flybox Spool Storage Box - Fly Tying Material Storage
Fishpond Tailwater Fly Tying Kit - Angling Active
Special Price £199.99 RRP £229.99
Veniard Waste Bag