Coarse fishing hooks are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit different fish species and different rig presentations. Coarse hooks are available in barbless and micro barb to make hook removal easier.
Carp fishing hooks are generally larger and stronger, ranging from size 4 to 10 and are available in a range of shapes to suit different rigs. Hooks with a straight or down-turned eye are well suited for tying hair rigs which are commonly used to catch big carp while hooks with an up-turned eye are used for tying chod or stiff rigs.
Hooks for general coarse fishing are usually smaller, going from size 12 down to size 20, for targeting general coarse and silver fish and to suit different bait sizes. Hooks are available either eyed, which can be tied on with a standard knot, or spade end which has to be whipped on.