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Fly Tying Wax

Introducing our "Fly Tying Wax" category, an essential tool for precision in fly tying. Dive into a comprehensive selection of fly tying waxes meticulously chosen to enhance your fly crafting experience.

Our collection features versatile waxes designed to help secure materials, build bodies, and ensure durability in different fishing conditions. Whether you're a seasoned fly tyer or just beginning, our fly tying waxes provide the foundation for flies that perform optimally. Waxes offer the grip and consistency required for shaping and securing materials with precision, ensuring your flies not only look the part but also withstand the rigours of angling. Explore our Fly Tying Wax selection now and unlock the potential to tie durable flies that entice and hook fish!

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Veniard Liquid Wax - Fly Tying
Veniard BT Super Tacky Dubbing Wax - Fly Tying
Loon Outdoors Swax Low Tack Wax - Fly Tying Accessories
Special Price £6.50 RRP £6.99
Loon Outdoors High Tack Swax - Fly Tying Waxes
Special Price £6.50 RRP £6.99
Prepared Fly Tyers Wax