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Our range of Fly Tying Equipment contains all the essential items a fly tyer cannot do without. These include items such as fly tying vices. We import our fly tying vices from around the world ensuring you have a choice of some of the best models on the market. Good quality fly tying tools will make your time spent fly tying much more enjoyable and we have tools in stock suitable for both beginners and experienced fly tyers alike. You will also find our comprehensive choice of fly tying hooks in this category, with common hook styles such as nymph hooks, grub hooks, short shank and long shank fly tying hooks as well as fly tying single, double and treble hooks that are perfect for tying Trout, Salmon, Pike and Predator and Saltwater flies. For anglers who enjoy fishing with tube flies we stock a great selection of clear, coloured and fluorescent tubing from brands such as Veniards and Tubeworx giving you lots of choice for tube fly tubing and a special category dedicated to tube fly hooks. If you are new to fly tying and are looking for a complete solution, consider one of our fly tying kits, which offer everything you need to get started and allow you to tie the most common patterns with ease. Finally our range of books and DVDs have been chosen by our staff and customers as the best available which will entertain you and provide you with the knowledge needed to master those new fly tying patterns.

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  • Stonfo Transformer Vice - Fly Tying Vises Tools

    Stonfo Transformer Vice

    Regular Price: £365.99

    Special Price £340.00

  • Snowbee Fly Mate Standard Vice - Fly Tying Clamp Pedestal Vices
  • Partridge Attitude Extra Hooks - Predator Fly Tying Hooks
  • Veniard Salmon Fly Brooch Pin - Fly Fishing Tying
  • Partridge Patriot Double Up Eye Hooks - Salmon Fly Tying Hook
  • HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool

    HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool

    Regular Price: £29.00

    Special Price £24.95

  • Partridge Universal Predator Hooks - Fly Tying Hooks
  • Berkley Fusion 19 Octopus Hooks - Fishing Hook
  • Changeable Tip and Battery Cautery
  • Snowbee Cap Peak Clip-On Magnifiers
  • Partridge Wide Gape Jig Barbless Hooks - Fly Tying Hook
  • Dohiku Ultimate Blob Barbless Hooks - Fly Tying Equipment
  • Partridge Patriot Standard Dry Barbless Hooks - SLD2 Fly Tying Hooks
  • Veniard Starter Tool Kit

    Veniard Starter Tool Kit

    Regular Price: £11.60

    Special Price £9.99

  • Snowbee Prestige Vice - Fly Tying Tools Equipment
  • Veniard No 4 Spring Vice - Fly Tying Equipment
  • Scierra Tactical Double Tube Hook - Fly Tying Hooks

    Scierra Tactical Double Tube Hook

    Regular Price: £5.49

    Special Price £4.97

  • Kamasan B175 Sproat Hooks

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