Beach and Shore Sea Fishing Rods

Beach fishing rods, also known as beachcasters or surf rods, are designed for bait fishing from the shore and are available in a wide range of lengths, casting weights and actions. Traditional beach casters are often two piece rods between 12ft and 15ft long with a casting weight of around 4-6oz, they are capable of casting a weight and baited rig massive distances. They often feature a sensitive, brightly coloured tip to allow bites to be easily detected. Multi piece and telescopic beachcasters are also available making them easier to transport and store. Lighter beachcasters are also available in shorter lengths and lighter casting weights for targeting smaller species such as bass or flatfish.
Continental rods originated in Europe and are commonly used for beach fishing in the UK. They are long rods, often around 14-15ft, with a softer action designed to be fished with fixed spool reels. These rods are commonly 3 or more pieces. The softer action and long length allows simple overhead casts with fixed spool reels to cast leads great distances.

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  1. Penn Wrath Spin Rod
    from £37.99 RRP £39.99 Save £2
  2. Shakespeare Salt XT Bass
    £99.99 RRP £104.99 Save £5
  3. Shakespeare Salt XT Bass EXP
    £109.99 RRP £116.99 Save £7
  4. Shakespeare Salt XT Surf
    from £109.99 RRP £116.99 Save £7
  5. Shakespeare Salt XT Long Surf
    £119.99 RRP £126.99 Save £7
  6. Shakespeare Salt XT Beach EXP
    £119.99 RRP £126.99 Save £7
  7. Tronixpro Guerilla Rod
    £89.99 RRP £93.49 Save £3.50
  8. Tronixpro Xenon Match Rod
    Special Price £194.99 RRP £214.99 Save £20
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