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Saltwater fly fishing usually takes place from a boat or the shore and is growing in popularity worldwide. Species commonly targeted include Pollack, Mackerel and Bass in the UK and Bonefish, Tarpon and Stripers in the more tropical climates. To get started most anglers will choose a fly rod of around 9ft in length and rated to at least a #8 or #9. It is recommended to choose saltwater resistant tackle which will help prevent corrosion forming upon the crucial components and prolong its life. Normal fishing tackle can still be used but care must be taken to thoroughly clean with fresh water after each use to limit the damaging effects of the saltwater. Add to the fly rod a good quality saltwater proof fly reel loaded with backing and a weight forward or shooting head style fly line and you are ready to go. The artificial flies used by saltwater anglers tend to be much larger than those game fly fishermen will be used to. Saltwater flies are normally designed to imitate prey fish or food of some sort rather than an imitation of a fly. Within our Sea Fly Fishing category you will find our tried and tested range of saltwater proof fly rods, fly reels, Cold Saltwater and Tropical Fly lines as well saltwater fly patterns for Bass and other species.

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  • Shakespeare Agility 2 XPS Fly Rod - Pike Predator Saltwater Fly Fishing Rods

    Shakespeare Agility 2 XPS Fly Rod

    Regular Price: £74.99

    Special Price £57.99

  • Airflo Bluetooth Nano - Saltwater / Pike / Predator Fly Fishing Rods

    Airflo Bluetooth Nano Fly Rod

    Regular Price: £149.99

    Special Price £129.99

  • Airflo 40+ Forty Plus + Sniper Fly Line - Shooting Head Trout Predator Sea Fishing
  • Sage Accel Fly Rod - Freshwater Saltwater Fly Fishing Rods

    Sage Accel Fly Rod

    Regular Price: £599.00

    Special Price £349.97

  • Scientifc Anglers Frequency Saltwater Fly Line - Tropical Fishing Lines
  • Daiwa Silvercreek Trout Fly Rods - Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod
  • Loop Multi Fly Reel - Game Saltwater Fishing Reels

    Loop Multi Fly Reel

    From: £207.00
  • Scientific Anglers Saltwater Intermediate Fly Line - Tropical Fishing Lines
  • Waterworks Lamson Liquid Reel 3 Pack - Fly Reels Spare Spools Fly Fishing
  • Airflo Bluetooth Nano Saltwater Fly Outfit - Sea Fly Fishing Combos Kits
  • Airflo Tropical Permit Tarpon Fly Line - Saltwater Fishing Lines
  • UK Saltwater - Caledonia Fly Selection Pack
  • Waterworks Lamson Litespeed Micra 5 - Fly Fishing Reels
  • Scientific Anglers SharkWave Saltwater Titan Fly Line - Tropical Fishing Lines
  • Shakespeare Agility 2 XPS Saltwater Fly Outfit - Sea Fly Fishing Combos Kits
  • Hatch Finatic Generation 2 Fly Reel - Large Arbor Game Saltwater Fishing Reels
  • Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Big Water Fly Line - Tropical Saltwater Fishing Lines
  • Vision Big Mama 2.0 Fly Rod - Pike Saltwater Fly Fishing Rods

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