Plugs used for targeting trout and salmon often feature a lure body, often floating, with a diving lip. The diving lip causes the plug to dive on the retrieve and adds movement to the lure, causing it to wiggle like an injured prey fish through the water. These lures are commonly cast out and retrieved through the water on still waters or rivers but can also be trolled behind a boat. Floating plugs dive when retrieved which allows the angler to stop midway through the retrieve and allow the lure to float back to the surface. This is a useful tactic to encourage following fish to strike or to allow the lure to float over snags. Lures with larger diving lips or sinking plugs are also available to fish deeper water.
Smaller lures, up to 5cm in length, are used to target trout or when fishing small water while bigger lures, up to 11cm long, are commonly used for targeting larger trout and salmon. Bigger lures and plugs are also available and these are normally reserved for trolling for large ferox trout or salmon.

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  1. Rapala Shadow Rap Deep
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  2. Rapala Ripstop
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  3. Abu Garcia McSnack
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  4. Abu Garcia Svartzonker McCelly
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  5. Rapala DT Dive-To
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  6. Berkley Zilla Glider
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