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Welcome to Angling Active's Boat Fishing Rigs category, where we supply the tools for your maritime angling conquests. Our thoughtfully curated selection of boat fishing rigs is designed to enhance your offshore fishing experience, ensuring you hook and land a variety of species with ease.

Our Boat Fishing Rigs are expertly designed to meet the unique challenges of deep-sea angling. Crafted with precision, they're pre-made for your convenience, saving you valuable time on the water. Whether you're targeting cod, rays, pollack, or other prized catches, our rigs are engineered for success. Explore our versatile range of boat fishing rigs, including paternoster rigs, running ledger rigs, and more, each tailored to different species and fishing scenarios. Dive into our selection today, and equip yourself with the tools to navigate the depths with confidence. Your next boat fishing adventure starts here!

What Is the Best Rig for Sea Fishing Off a Boat?

This can vary significantly depending on the target species, fishing conditions and angler preferences. However, some of the most versatile rigs include the paternoster rig, running ledger rig and float rigs. Each of these has its own advantages and can be adapted to suit various fishing scenarios and target species.

What Rigs to Use for Boat Fishing?

When it comes to rigs for boat fishing, the choices are often dictated by the species you are targeting and the fishing conditions. The paternoster rig is great for species that feed close to or on the bottom, like cod or flatfish. Running ledger rigs are also effective for bottom-feeding fish but offer a bit more sensitivity for detecting bites. Float rigs are best suited for species that feed in mid-water or near the surface, like mackerel or pollock.

How Do You Set Up a Sea Fishing Boat Rig?

To set up a sea fishing boat rig, you'll need your main fishing line, hooks, swivels and weights, along with any additional components like attractors or beads. The setup process differs depending on the type of rig. For a paternoster rig, you'll attach a lead weight to the end of your mainline and then attach one or more snoods (short lengths of line with hooks) at intervals above the weight using swivels. For a running ledger rig, the weight is usually on a separate line that slides along the mainline, allowing for more natural bait movement. Float rigs will require the addition of a float, which is set at a specific depth depending on where the target fish are feeding.

What Is a Good Boat Rig for Cod?

A good boat rig for cod is often a paternoster rig, also known as a "dropper rig." This rig allows you to present one or more baits close to the seabed where cod usually feed. It consists of a series of hooks attached to snoods, coming off the mainline. A weight at the bottom ensures the rig stays near the seabed. The bait is generally a piece of squid, mackerel or lugworm and it's important to make sure the hooks are appropriately sized for cod, usually between 3/0 and 6/0.

What Is a Good Boat Rig for Tope?

When targeting tope, a good boat rig is often a simple running ledger rig. This rig allows the bait to move more naturally along the bottom, attracting the attention of this predatory species. You'll use a wire trace to prevent the tope's sharp teeth from cutting the line and a circle hook to ensure a safe and easy hook removal. The weight should be heavy enough to get the bait down but light enough to allow the fish to run without feeling too much resistance.

What Is a Good Boat Rig for Bass?

A good boat rig for bass would be a running ledger rig or a float rig, depending on where the bass are feeding. A running ledger allows the bait to move freely along the bottom, mimicking natural prey. This is effective for bass that are feeding close to the seabed. A float rig is useful when bass are feeding higher in the water column, as it allows you to suspend the bait at different depths to attract this predatory species.

What Is a Good Boat Rig for Pollock?

For targeting pollock, a good boat rig is often a float rig or a simple jigging setup. Pollock tend to feed in mid-water and are attracted to moving lures. A float rig allows you to suspend your bait or lure at the desired depth. Alternatively, you can use a jigging technique with artificial lures like shads or metal jigs. The action imparted during jigging is often irresistible to pollock and can result in very effective fishing.

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