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Frozen Sea Fishing Baits

Welcome to our Frozen Sea Fishing Baits category, the ultimate resource for anglers seeking top-quality baits. At Angline Active, we've meticulously sourced a selection of premium frozen baits to ensure your sea fishing expeditions are met with success.

Our Frozen Sea Fishing Baits are carefully chosen for their freshness and ability to attract a wide range of, including cod, rays, and everything in between. These baits are quick-frozen to lock in freshness and scent, guaranteeing they maintain their effectiveness even in the coldest of waters. Explore our assortment of frozen squid, mackerel, sandeels, and more, all selected for their proven track record in luring in the big catches. These baits are conveniently packaged and ready to use, making your sea fishing adventures hassle-free. Trust Angling Active for the highest-quality frozen sea fishing baits. Browse our range and stock up your bait freezer!

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Baitbox Blueys Large
Baitbox Mackerel Fillet
Baitbox Mackerel Medium
Baitbox Razor Pack
Baitbox Small White Squid 1lb Box
Baitbox Squid Handy Pack
Baitbox Blueys Mini
Special Price £4.95 RRP £5.25
Baitbox Bulk Mackerel
Baitbox Peeler Crab
Special Price £6.45 RRP £7.45
Baitbox Herring Medium
Baitbox Mini Squid 500g
Baitbox Black Lugworm
Special Price £7.15 RRP £8.95
Baitbox Sandeel - Frozen Bait for Sea Fishing
from £3.25
Baitbox Crab Kart Bait Blocks - Sea Fishing Baits
Special Price £4.95 RRP £5.50