There are a multitude of different baits that can be used when coarse and carp fishing to help draw fish into your swim or entice them to take your hookbait. Groundbaits are mixed up with water and introduced into your swim to create a cloud or carpet of bait, depending on how it’s mixed, to draw fish into your swim and entice them to feed, increasing the chances of them taking your hookbait. Particle baits, such as hemp or sweetcorn, can be used in the same way or even mixed into groundbaits to increase their attractiveness while larger particles, like sweetcorn, can also be used a a hookbait. Boilies and pellets are great for targeting species such as carp or bream and can be loose fed to get fish feeding or used as a hookbait. Pop-ups and wafters are boilies that are designed to be used primarily on the hook – they are often stronger flavoured or brightly coloured to help fish home in on your hook.