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Welcome to our artificial baits & Powerbait category, your ultimate source for a wide range of artificial baits designed specifically for trout fishing. Whether you're targeting rainbow trout or brown trout, we have the perfect selection to entice these fish. Our collection includes artificial worms, maggots, and dough baits that trout find irresistible. In addition, we offer the popular Berkley Powerbait range, which has been specially formulated to attract and trigger aggressive feeding responses from trout. With a variety of colours and flavours, the Powerbait selection provides versatility and effectiveness in different fishing conditions.

These baits offer convenience, durability, and long-lasting effectiveness, ensuring that you can spend more time fishing and less time worrying about bait maintenance. Upgrade your trout fishing arsenal with our top-quality artificial baits and Powerbait. Shop now and experience the thrill of fooling trout with these enticing alternatives to live bait!

Advantages of artificial fishing bait

Artificial fishing bait refers to synthetic fish attractors and baits designed to attract and entice fish. As the bait is synthetic, there is a distinct convenience factor over live bait as the bait doesn't need to be kept fresh. Artificial bait comes in various forms, including soft plastics, jelly worms and trout powerbait paste. The effectiveness of artificial bait can vary depending on the species of fish being targeted, fishing conditions and angler expertise.

Does artificial bait work?

Yes, artificial bait can be highly effective in catching fish. Many anglers solely rely on artificial bait as their go-to choice due to its versatility and convenience. When properly chosen and presented, artificial bait can mimic natural prey and trigger predatory instincts in fish, leading to strikes. However, it's important to note that fish behaviour and preferences can vary, and what works on one day or for one species may not work as well on another day or for a different species. But hey, that's fishing!

What to consider when buying artificial bait

When making a purchase of artificial bait, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, consider the target species and their feeding habits. Different fish have different preferences and behaviours, so choose artificial bait that closely resembles the prey they typically feed on. Researching the local fish species and their diet can help in selecting the right bait.

The colour and size of the artificial bait are also important considerations. Colour choice can be influenced by water clarity, light conditions and the local preferences in the area. Natural colours like green, brown or silver often work well, but experimenting with different colours can be beneficial. The size of the bait should match the size of the fish you are targeting and the prevalent prey in the water.

Another aspect to consider is the presentation and action of the artificial bait. Some lures have built-in action, such as wobbling, darting or vibrating, while others rely on the angler's manipulation. Consider the desired fishing technique, whether it's a steady retrieve, jerking or jigging, and choose a bait that is suitable for that technique.

Powerbait for trout

Now, let's discuss PowerBait, which is a popular type of artificial bait specifically designed for trout fishing. PowerBait is a dough-like bait supplied in jars made from a mixture of scented synthetic compounds. It is highly effective at attracting trout due to its strong scent and flavour. And yes, powerbait does work for wild fish!

When using this bait to catch trout the technique typically involves shaping a small piece of dough bait onto a hook or a special treble hook with a spring known as a "trout paste hook." The baited hook is then cast out into the water and then we wait - hopefully not too long - for a trout to bite. Some PowerBait's float, allowing it to suspend above the bottom where trout often feed.

PowerBait works by imitating the scent and taste of natural trout food, such as insects, worms or fish eggs. The strong scent of PowerBait helps attract trout, enticing them to investigate and bite. Additionally, the dough-like texture of PowerBait allows it to be easily moulded onto the hook, increasing the bait's durability and ensuring it stays on the hook during casts and retrieves.

When purchasing PowerBait, consider the colour and scent options available. PowerBait comes in various colours, including popular choices like chartreuse, rainbow, and natural earth tones. It's advisable to have a variety of colors to test and see which ones are most effective in the particular fishing location. Furthermore, different scents can be appealing to trout under different conditions, so experimenting with different scent options can be beneficial.

In summary, artificial fishing bait can be effective in catching fish when chosen and presented correctly. Consider factors such as target species, color, size, presentation, and action when making a purchase. PowerBait is a popular artificial bait for trout fishing, known for its strong scent and flavour. When using paste, shaping it onto a hook and presenting it to trout in the water can attract bites. Consider the colour and scent options available when purchasing PowerBait to enhance your chances of success.

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