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Welcome to our swivels & snap link category, dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive selection of essential components for trout and salmon fishing. Swivels and snap links, also known as snap swivels, play a crucial role in connecting your line to lures, baits, and leaders, all while helping reduce line twist. We understand the importance of reliable and high-quality swivels and snaps, which is why we offer a range of options to meet your specific needs. Our collection includes various sizes and designs, ensuring compatibility with different fishing techniques and conditions.

By using fishing swivels, you can prevent line twist and maintain optimal lure action. Snap links and snap swivels offer quick and convenient attachment and change of lures or baits, saving you valuable fishing time. Shop now and equip yourself with the essential components to enhance your angling experience!

Why you need swivels for fishing

Swivels and snap links are essential components in trout and salmon fishing that help prevent line twist and allow for easy attachment of various fishing lues and tackle. Swivels are rotating connectors that join the mainline and leader, while snap links, also known as snap swivels or snap clips are quick-release connectors that allow for easy attachment and changing of lures, hooks or other terminal tackle.

Swivels play a crucial role in preventing line twist, especially when using spinning or trolling techniques. Line twist occurs when the fishing line becomes twisted due to the spinning action of lures or the movement of fish. Swivels are designed to rotate freely, allowing the line to untwist during retrieves or when a fish is fighting. When selecting swivels for trout and salmon fishing, consider the size and strength of the swivel in relation to the fishing line and the target fish species. Smaller swivels are suitable for lighter lines and smaller fish, while larger swivels are necessary for heavier lines and larger fish. It's also important to choose high-quality swivels that rotate smoothly and resist corrosion, ensuring their effectiveness in preventing line twist.

Snap links are convenient connectors that allow for quick and easy attachment of lures, hooks or other terminal tackle. They typically feature a spring-loaded mechanism that allows for rapid opening and closing. Snap links are particularly useful when changing lures or adjusting terminal tackle without the need for retying knots. When considering snap links for trout and salmon fishing, assess the size, strength and durability of the snap link in relation to your fishing gear. Look for snap links that are sturdy, easy to use, and have a secure closure to prevent accidental opening during fishing. Additionally, consider the compatibility of the snap link with the type of terminal tackle you will be using, such as the size of the lure eye or the strength of the hook.

Before making a purchase, it's important to consider several factors related to swivels and snap links. First, assess the fishing conditions and techniques you plan to use. Different fishing techniques may require specific types or sizes of swivels and snap links. For example, trolling may require larger and more robust swivels to handle the increased stress and movement of the bait or lure. Additionally, consider the target fish species and their behaviour. Some species, such as trout and salmon, are known for their strong fighting abilities, which can put additional strain on the swivels and snap links. Choose swivels and snap links that are appropriate for the size and strength of the fish you are targeting.

Quality is also a crucial consideration. Look for swivels and snap links made from durable materials, such as stainless steel or brass, that are resistant to corrosion and have smooth rotation or closure mechanisms. Quality swivels and snap links will ensure reliable performance, durability, and the prevention of line twist or accidental gear detachment. Ball bearing swivels are the highest performance swivels available!

Lastly, it can be beneficial to research and gather information on specific swivel and snap link brands or models. Read customer reviews, consult with experienced anglers, or seek advice from Angling Active to gain insights into the most suitable options for your trout and salmon fishing needs. Considering factors such as size, strength, durability and compatibility with your fishing setup will help you choose the right swivels and snap links that enhance your fishing experience, provide efficient tackle attachment and contribute to a successful day on the water.

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