Pike / Predator Wire Traces

A wire trace is essential when fishing for pike or other toothy fish. A pike’s sharp teeth will easily bite through standard monofilament or braided line so using a wire trace is required to prevent this. Pike fishing wire traces come in two main types, lure fishing traces and bait fishing traces.
Traces for bait fishing incorporate a length of wire with a swivel or clip at one end and normally two treble hooks at the other. Some traces only have one hook. The treble hooks are attached to your chosen bait and the line is tied to the swivel. Hook sizes on wire traces range from size 2 to 10, with size 4, 6 and 8 being the most popular.
Pike traces for lure fishing normally have a swivel and a quick change clip. The swivel is tied to your line and a lure is clipped onto the other end. The clip allows the angler to quickly remove and change a lure without having to re-tie any knots.
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