Game Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are used for fishing with artificial lures or spinners and can also be used for bait fishing, either ledger or float fishing. They come in a range of lengths, casting weights, actions and are available in multi piece and telescopic models. Shorter rods in the 6ft-8ft range, are ideal for smaller waters where long casts aren’t necessary or where casting space is limited. Long rods, over 10ft long, offer increased casting distance and line pick up and can be handy for lifting the line over bankside snags. Spinning rods around 9ft or 10ft long are most popular and offer the best of both worlds.
The rod’s casting weight should be chosen based on the weight of the lures you intend to cast with it. Small, light lures being fished for trout require a lighter casting weight rod whilst heavy salmon spinners need a rod with a higher casting weight to cast them effectively.

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  1. DAM Backbone Bolo
    £22.99 RRP £24.99 Save £2
  2. Shimano Vengeance CX
    from £29.99
  3. Penn Wrath Spin Rod
    from £37.99 RRP £39.99 Save £2
  4. Daiwa Ninja S Telespin Rod
    from £69.99 RRP £72.99 Save £3
  5. Abu Garcia Tormentor Travel Spin
    from £31.99 RRP £34.99 Save £3
  6. Abu Garcia Tormentor Spin
    from £25.99 RRP £28.99 Save £3
  7. Ron Thompson Steelhead Iconic Tele Spin
    from £29.97 RRP £34.99 Save £5.02
  8. Savage Gear SGS8 Precision Lure Specialist Rod
    £299.97 RRP £359.99 Save £60.02
  9. Savage Gear SGS5 Precision Lure Specialist
    from £149.97 RRP £174.99 Save £25.02
  10. Shakespeare Challenge XT Spin
    from £29.99 RRP £31.99 Save £2
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