Fishing Suits

Discover the best fishing suit for protection & performance? Whether you're facing rain, wind or cold temperatures, our range of fishing suits will see you fishing in comfort.

Our waterproof fishing suits keep you dry in even the heaviest downpour, while thermal winter fishing suits provide warmth on the coldest days. For added safety, our floatation suits for fishing offer buoyancy in emergency situations. Designed with anglers in mind, these suits ensure you can focus on the task of catching fish, not the weather. Stay comfortable and protected during your fishing trip with Angling Active's Fishing Suits. We've got the gear to keep you fishing, no matter what weather "Mother Nature" throws your way!

What is a fishing suit?

A fishing suit is a specialised piece of clothing designed to provide anglers with protection from the elements, such as rain, wind and cold temperatures. They are usually made with materials that are water-resistant or waterproof and come in various designs to cater to different fishing conditions and preferences.

What is a thermal fishing winter suit?

A thermal fishing suit is designed specifically for cold weather conditions. It features insulating materials that trap body heat, ensuring the angler remains warm even in freezing temperatures. It often combines waterproof and windproof qualities with thermal insulation for optimal protection.

Are all fishing suits waterproof?

No, not all fishing suits are waterproof. While many are designed to be water-resistant, only those with specific waterproof membranes or coatings are truly waterproof. It's essential to check the product specifications or labels when purchasing to ensure you're getting the level of protection you desire.

Is camouflage clothing good for fishing?

Camouflage clothing can be beneficial for fishing, especially when angling in clear water conditions or in places where fish are easily spooked. By blending into the surroundings, anglers can reduce their visibility to fish, potentially leading to better catch rates. However, the effectiveness of camouflage varies based on the fishing environment and the species being targeted.

What is a floatation suit?

A floatation suit is a specialised type of fishing suit designed to provide buoyancy in the event of falling into the water. It's especially popular among saltwater boat anglers or those fishing in areas with a risk of immersion. These suits are constructed with buoyant materials and are designed to help keep the wearer afloat, providing an added safety measure.

What's the advantage of a 2-piece fishing suit over a 1-piece?

A 2-piece fishing suit, consisting of separate jacket and trousers, offers more versatility than a 1-piece suit. Anglers can wear the jacket or trousers individually based on the weather conditions. This flexibility is beneficial for changing climates or for activities that require varied levels of protection. Additionally, 2-piece suits are often easier to put on and take off compared to 1-piece options.

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