Boat Fishing Outfits & Kits

Sea Boat Fishing Outfits / Kits come with everything you will need to get started with offshore fishing, from beginner to advanced. There are kits for any angler who is looking to take up boat fishing. Our range of boat fishing kits include rods and reels specifically designed for boat fishing. Different kits are available in different lengths and line classes to suit different styles of fishing and ensure we'll have a kit that will suit you. Generally for smaller species like mackerel, pollock and whiting you should use a 12-20lb rod class, whereas a heavier rod of 20-30lbs is more heavy duty for species like skate, tope, shark and other deep sea monsters. Most outfits will come with a multiplier reel so you can hold more line for the size of reel, this is a must when fishing in the deep ocean. We stock a range of kits from top brands so you can be sure you’ll be able to find the perfect kit for you at the best price.