Fishing Bags & Rucksacks


Looking to buy the perfect fishing bags & rucksacks carry your fishing gear effectively. Our fishing bag selection includes a variety of bags and rucksacks designed to cater to every angler's needs. Whether you need a compact tackle bag for a short trip or a spacious rucksack for a more extended adventure, we stock it. With features like multiple pockets, rod holders and durable materials, our fishing bags are built to withstand the demands of regular fishing trips.

Stay organised on the water, keep your gear easily accessible and focus on what you love – catching fish! Explore our range of Fishing Bags & Rucksacks and choose the one that suits your style and fishing preferences best. Angling Active has your fishing storage needs sorted!

Popular fishing bags used by UK anglers

In the UK, fishing is a sport pursued by passionate anglers and having the right gear, including fishing bags, is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience. A variety of fishing bags cater to different angling methods and needs. Here are some of the popular types of fishing bags in the UK: Large Carryalls - These are large bags designed specifically for carp anglers but can be used for all fishing that require a lot of gear. They have multiple compartments to hold various tackle items, bait and personal belongings. Due to the stationary nature of carp fishing, these bags can be larger and more comprehensive. Tackle Bags - These are more compact than carryalls and are designed to efficiently store tackle boxes, bait, reels and other essential items. They often come with multiple compartments and pockets. Rucksacks - Designed for the angler on the move, rucksacks are perfect for roving fishermen or those who like to switch spots frequently. They offer hands-free convenience and often come with padded straps for comfort. Game Bags - Popular among fly fishermen, these bags are designed to carry caught fish. They're made with waterproof lining for easy cleaning and may have mesh sections to allow water drainage. Fly Fishing Shoulder Bags Specifically for fly anglers, these bags have compartments and pockets tailored to store fly boxes, tippets, leaders and other fly fishing essentials. Waterproof Dry Bags - Made with waterproof material, these bags ensure that belongings stay dry, especially during rainy days or when wading.

Most UK tackle brands offer popular choices for fishing bags. The choice of bag often depends on the specific fishing method, duration of the trip and personal preferences in terms of design and features.

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