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Fishing Shoulder Bags

Elevate your angling convenience with Fishing Shoulder Bags from Angling Active. These compact yet spacious bags are designed for anglers on the move. Whether you're fly fishing in the highlands or casting from the bank of a stillwater, our shoulder bags keep your gear organized and accessible.

With durable materials and thoughtful compartments, they accommodate tackle boxes, reels, and other essentials. Opt for a waterproof option to shield your gear from the elements, ensuring a successful day on the water. Browse our collection to find the perfect shoulder bag for your fishing needs. Shop now for the best deals and elevate your fishing experience with Angling Active!

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Snowbee Classic Trout Bag - Game Fishing Shoulder Bags
from £16.99 RRP £18.99
Abu Garcia Sling Bag - Fishing Luggage Packs
Special Price £39.99 RRP £43.99
Savage Gear Specialist Lure Bag - Tackle Storage Bag
from £62.99 RRP £74.99
Savage Gear Specialist Shoulder Lure Bag - Tackle Fishing Bags
Special Price £53.99 RRP £64.99
Savage Gear AW Sling Rucksack - Angling Active
Special Price £52.99 RRP £59.99
Rivalley WP One Shoulder Bag Grey - Angling Active
Fishpond Flathead Sling Pack - Angling Active
Special Price £139.99 RRP £169.99
Fishpond Summit Sling 2 - Angling Active
Special Price £114.99 RRP £139.99
Fishpond Switchback Belt System 2.0 - Angling Active
Special Price £119.99 RRP £139.99
Fishpond Summit Sling Bag - Fishing Rucksack / Backpack Luggage
Special Price £84.97 RRP £109.99
Simms Challenger Mesh Duffel - Shoulder Bag Carryall - Tackle Storage
Fox Camolite Shoulder Wallet - Angling Active
Simms Tributary Sling Pack Tan - Angling Active
Wychwood Flow Carry Lite Shoulder Tackle Bag - Fishing Luggage
Special Price £31.99 RRP £44.99
Snowbee Prestige Trout Bag - Game Shoulder Bags Fishing Luggage
from £32.99
Daiwa Wilderness Game Bag 1 - Fishing Shoulder Bags Luggage
Special Price £23.97 RRP £28.90
Daiwa Wilderness Game Bag 3 - Fishing Shoulder Bags Luggage
Special Price £32.99 RRP £34.99
Wychwood Satchel - Fishing Shoulder Bag
Special Price £54.99 RRP £59.99
Daiwa Wilderness Game Bag 4 - Fishing Shoulder Bags Luggage
Special Price £39.99 RRP £41.99
Daiwa Wilderness Game Bag 2 - Fishing Shoulder Bags Luggage
Special Price £27.99 RRP £29.99

Overview of shoulder bags - often referred to as game bags

Fishing shoulder bags are designed to offer anglers a convenient and efficient way to carry their essential gear while on the move. These bags usually feature multiple compartments for tackle boxes, tools and personal items, thus maximising organisation and accessibility. High-quality fishing shoulder bags often come with specialised pockets for things like pliers, reels and may have loops for fishing rods.

The material of the shoulder bag is a critical aspect of its performance. Durable, weather-resistant fabrics such as nylon or polyester are commonly used to ensure the bag can withstand the elements. Many fishing shoulder bags offer waterproof or water-resistant compartments to keep sensitive items like electronics or food dry. Zippers and fasteners are typically robust and may also feature water-resistant sealing.

Comfort is another key performance indicator for a fishing shoulder bag. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps are usually a standard feature to distribute weight evenly and minimise strain during longer outings. Some bags even come with additional waist or chest straps to further stabilise the bag while walking or wading.

Another aspect to consider is the design and layout of the bag. Efficient compartmentalisation ensures that gear is easy to access, which can be crucial in fishing scenarios where quick access to tackle or tools is needed. Additionally, some fishing shoulder bags come with modular features, allowing you to attach extra pouches or accessories according to your specific needs.

In summary, a high-performance fishing shoulder bag combines durability, comfort and thoughtful design to provide a versatile and practical solution for carrying fishing essentials. Whether you're an occasional angler or a seasoned pro, a well-designed fishing shoulder bag can significantly enhance your fishing experience.