Tube Fly Hooks

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Crafted with precision and sharpness in mind, these hooks provide secure and reliable connections on your favourite tube fly patterns. Explore our selection and find the perfect hooks to enhance your fly fishing experience and increase your chances of landing that trophy catch. Upgrade your tackle box today with Angling Active, your trusted source for quality fishing gear!


Tube fly hooks are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with tube flies. These hooks provide the critical point of connection between the angler and the fish, making their selection vital for effective salmon fishing with tube flies.

What are tube fly hooks used for?

Tube fly hooks serve several unique functions:

  • Adaptability: Anglers can quickly switch out hooks to match different fishing conditions or regulations without needing to change the entire fly.
  • Efficiency: A damaged or dull hook can be replaced without discarding the fly, extending the life of the fly and reducing waste.
  • Fish Safety: In catch-and-release scenarios, the use of specific tube fly hooks can minimise harm to the fish.

Types of Tube Fly Hooks:

There are various styles and designs of tube fly hooks to match different fishing scenarios:

  • Single Hooks: These are commonly used hooks for tube flies, especially in regions where treble or double hooks are prohibited. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit different fly patterns and fishing conditions. These hooks are great for when there are leaves in the river as the reduced number of points minimises leave hook-ups.
  • Double Hooks: Featuring two points, these hooks can increase hook-up rates and balance out the fly as it swings through the water.
  • Treble Hooks: With three hook points, trebles can offer even higher hook-up rates but are often restricted in many catch-and-release salmon rivers.
  • Up-Eye vs. Straight-Eye: Up-eye hooks are designed with the eye bent slightly upwards, which can help with the hook's alignment on some tube systems. Straight-eye hooks have a traditional straight alignment.

Considerations When Choosing Tube Fly Hooks:

Several factors come into play when selecting the right hook for a tube fly:

  • Size: The hook size should complement the size of the tube fly. It shouldn't be too large or too small relative to the fly's profile.
  • Strength: Especially important when targeting powerful fish like salmon, the hook must be robust and resistant to bending or breaking.
  • Barb vs. Barbless: Some rivers require the use of barbless hooks for conservation reasons. Hooks can be purchased barbless or can be made barbless by pinching the barb down.
  • Regulations: Always be aware of local fishing regulations, as they might dictate the types and sizes of hooks allowed.
  • Sharpness: An incredibly sharp hook point is crucial for achieving solid hook-ups. High-quality hooks from reputable manufacturers often come extremely sharp, but always check and sharpen if necessary.

Attaching Tube Fly Hooks:

The process of connecting a tube fly hook varies based on the tube fly system but typically involves threading the leader or tippet through the tube and then attaching the hook, either directly or using a loop knot or junction extension tubing.

In summary, choosing the right tube fly hook for salmon fishing is paramount. The hook's design, size, and strength can greatly influence the success of a fishing outing. By understanding the characteristics and applications of different hooks, anglers can optimise their tube fly setups to increase their chances of hooking and landing the majestic salmon.

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