Fly Fishing Nets


Welcome to our Fly Fishing Nets shop, where you can purchase from a wide selection of high-quality nets designed to assist you in safely landing your fish. Our collection includes a variety of nets crafted with durability, functionality and fish-friendly features in mind, designed to suit landing fish from bank, boat and wading anglers.

Whether you're targeting trout, salmon, or other species, our fly fishing nets offer the ideal balance of strength and gentle handling. The nets are designed with fish-friendly mesh materials that minimize stress and harm to the fish during landing and handling.

We offer nets in various sizes, shapes, and handle lengths to cater to different angling preferences and fishing environments. From compact and lightweight nets for easy transport to larger nets with extended handles for reach and manoeuvrability, we have the perfect net to meet your specific needs. Browse our Fly Fishing Nets category and choose from our diverse selection to find the net that fits your fishing style.

Landing nets are essential tools for fly fishing, enabling anglers to safely land and release fish while minimising harm to both the fish and your fishing gear. When it comes to landing nets specifically designed for fly fishing, there are several key features and considerations to keep in mind.

Firstly, the net material is an important aspect to consider. Many fly fishing nets feature soft, fish-friendly mesh that is gentle on fish, minimising the risk of injuring their delicate scales or fins. Look for landing nets made of rubber, silicone or knotless nylon mesh that won't cause excessive stress or damage to the fish.

Size is another crucial consideration. Fly fishing nets typically come in various sizes to accommodate different fish species and fishing situations. Larger nets are suitable for landing bigger fish, while smaller nets are more convenient for smaller streams or confined spaces. Consider the average size of the fish you'll be targeting to ensure the net is appropriate for your needs.

Handle length and material are factors to consider for ease of use and portability. Longer handles provide extended reach and can be advantageous when fishing from a boat or in situations where reaching the waters edge is challenging. On the other hand, shorter handles are more convenient for wading in rivers or when manoeuvring in tight spaces. Additionally, choose a handle material that offers a comfortable grip, such as rubberised or textured materials.

The net frame should be sturdy and durable to handle the weight of the fish and withstand the rigors of fishing environments. Aluminium frames are commonly used in fly fishing nets due to their lightweight nature and resistance to corrosion.

Consider the net's attachment mechanism for ease of use and convenience. Some nets feature a built-in clip or magnetic attachment, allowing for quick and secure attachment to your vest, pack or belt. Others may have a retractable cord or carabiner for easy access and storage. Choose an attachment mechanism that suits your preferences and fishing style.

Lastly, consider additional features that can enhance the functionality of the net. For example, some nets have built-in weigh scales or measurement markings on the handle, allowing you to quickly assess the size of the fish you've caught. Others may feature a built-in fish-friendly coating to further protect the fish's slime layer and reduce stress during handling.

In conclusion, landing nets for fly fishing are designed to safely land and release fish while minimising harm. When selecting a landing net, consider factors such as net material, size, handle length and material, frame durability, attachment mechanism, and any additional features that may enhance usability. By choosing a high-quality landing net suited to your fishing needs, you can handle fish responsibly and ensure their well-being.

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