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Saltwater Lure Fishing Terminal Tackle

Discover our extensive range of Saltwater Lure Fishing Terminal Tackle, your ultimate resource for equipping yourself with the essential tools needed to conquer the high seas. At Angling Active, we understand that every successful saltwater angling expedition starts with the right terminal tackle, and our collection has been carefully curated to provide exactly that.

Our comprehensive selection includes a wide array of hooks, swivels, snaps, jig heads and other vital components, all designed to ensure your saltwater fishing endeavours are efficient and rewarding. Crafted with durability and corrosion resistance in mind, our terminal tackle is built to withstand the harsh saltwater environment, ensuring your gear remains reliable trip after trip. Elevate your saltwater lure fishing experience with confidence, knowing you have the best tools at your disposal. Explore Angling Active today and gear up for your next saltwater adventure!

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Daiwa Prorex Dropshot Cylinder Weights - Dropshotting Lead Free Weight
from £2.97
Fladen Fishing Barrel Swivels - Fishing Tackle
from £1.35
Daiwa Super Soft Split Shot Refills - Replacement Weights
from £2.65 RRP £2.99
Westin RoundUp LT Jig Heads - Fishing Hooks
from £3.99
VMC 7340RJ Mystic Predator Rugby Jig - Predator Fishing Hooks
from £7.95
Z-Man Finesse BulletZ Jigheads - Weedless Soft Lure Hooks
from £6.49
Breakaway Spinlink Clips - Sea Fishing Tackle Rig Components
Berkley URBN Tungsten Jigheads - Fishing Hooks
from £8.99 RRP £9.49
Berkley URBN Tungsten Dropshot Weights - Fishing Weights
from £8.99 RRP £9.49
Berkley URBN Tungsten Bullet Weights - Fishing Weights
from £8.99 RRP £9.49
Leeda Icon Rolling Swivels - Fishing Tackle
from £1.65
Mustad Kaiju Inline Single - Saltwater Fishing Hooks
from £3.25 RRP £3.49
Savage Gear V2 Jig Head - Jig Head - Sandeel Head
from £7.49 RRP £9.99
Owner Mosquito Hook - Fishing Bait Hooks
from £2.99
Gemini Genie Stainless Steel Swivels - Terminal Fishing Tackle
from £2.99
Fladen Fishing Crane Swivels - Terminal Fishing Tackle
from £1.99
Breakaway Mini Link Clips - Angling Active
Special Price £1.99 RRP £2.25
Savage Gear Minnow Weedless Jighead - Weights Fishing Hooks
from £7.49 RRP £8.99
Savage Gear Micro Jighead - Lure Jigheads
from £3.15 RRP £5.99
Savage Gear Super Slide Dropshot Hook - Predator Fishing Hooks
from £4.49 RRP £5.99
Savage Gear Ned EWG Jighead - Predator Jigheads
from £5.99 RRP £8.99
VMC Spinshot Lok Hooks - Dropshot Predator Specialist Swivel Hooks
from £7.55
Fladen Fishing Stainless Quick Link Clip - Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle
VMC Switch Snap And Swivel - Sea Predator Game Terminal Tackle
from £2.75

Swivels for Sea Fishing:

Swivels are essential components of terminal tackle for saltwater lure fishing. They prevent line twists and tangles caused by the movement of lures in the water. When selecting swivels for sea fishing, consider those that are specifically designed for saltwater conditions to ensure corrosion resistance.

Best Swivels for Sea Fishing:

The best swivels for sea fishing are those made from high-quality stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials. Ball-bearing swivels are often preferred for their smooth rotation and reduced line twisting. Look for swivels with a high breaking strength to match the size of the fish you're targeting.

Snap Links for Spinning in the Sea:

Snap links, also known as snap clips or snap swivels, are used to quickly change lures while spinning or casting in the sea. They allow you to attach and remove lures easily without having to re-tie knots each time.

Best Snap Links for Spinning in the Sea:

The best snap links for sea spinning are durable and reliable, capable of withstanding the rigors of saltwater conditions. Look for snap links that have a strong and secure locking mechanism to prevent lures from coming off during casting and retrieving.

Using Jig Heads in the Sea:

Jig heads are versatile terminal tackle used to rig soft plastic lures for various sea fishing techniques. They are commonly used for bottom fishing, vertical jigging, and other presentations where a weighted hook is necessary to get the lure to the desired depth.

Can I Use Jig Heads in the Sea?

Yes, jig heads are widely used in sea fishing. They are effective for targeting species like cod, pollock, bass and more. When choosing jig heads, consider the weight and hook size that match the type of lure you're using and the species you're targeting. Opt for jig heads with corrosion-resistant coatings or materials suitable for saltwater conditions.

By selecting high-quality terminal tackle like swivels, snap links, and jig heads that are designed to withstand saltwater conditions, you can ensure that your gear remains effective and reliable during your saltwater lure fishing adventures.