Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

Enjoy the benefits of good polarized sunglasses for fishing! Our extensive collection of high-quality eyewear enhances your fishing comfort and capability. Polarized lenses reduce glare from the sun, enabling you to see beneath the water's surface to spot cruising fish and underwater features.

We offer a variety of frame styles and lens colours including; amber, grey and yellow - to suit your preference and fishing conditions. Whether you're fly fishing in clear streams or lure fishing in bright coastal waters, our sunglasses provide clarity and UV or hook protection.

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Polarised Fishing Sunglasses: An Overview

Are polarised sunglasses the best for fishing?

Absolutely. Polarised sunglasses are widely regarded as essential gear for anglers. The primary advantage of polarised lenses is their ability to reduce glare. When light reflects off water, it becomes polarised, which means it vibrates primarily in a horizontal direction. Polarised lenses are specially designed to block out this horizontally polarised light, dramatically reducing the blinding glare and allowing anglers to see beneath the water's surface. This not only helps in spotting fish and underwater structures but also reduces eye strain and offers greater protection.

What coloured polarised lenses are best for fishing and how to choose the best lens colour for fishing?

The ideal colour for polarised fishing sunglasses largely depends on the specific fishing conditions and environment:

Gray: Best for deep blue water fishing and everyday use. They offer natural colour perception and are effective at reducing brightness without altering the colours of the environment.

Amber/Brown: Ideal for fishing in varying conditions, these lenses enhance contrast and depth perception. They're particularly suitable for shallow water and overcast days.

Yellow: Great for low light conditions, like early morning or late afternoon. They increase contrast and give a brighter view on cloudy days or in murky water.

Green Mirror: Effective for high contrast and better visual acuity, especially in offshore fishing where water colour tends to be more blue or green.

When choosing the best colour, consider the type of fishing you do most often, the typical conditions under which you fish (sunny, overcast, etc.), and your personal preferences in terms of colour perception and contrast.

Why use mirrored lenses for fishing?

Mirrored lenses have a reflective optical coating on the outside of the lenses. This mirrored finish reduces the amount of light entering the eyes, which is particularly beneficial in high-glare environments such as on open water. For anglers, this means added comfort and reduced eye strain, especially during long hours on the water. Additionally, mirrored lenses often come with added benefits such as UV protection and scratch resistance. The aesthetic appeal of mirrored lenses is a bonus, as they tend to look stylish and modern.

In conclusion, if you're an avid angler or even someone who enjoys occasional fishing trips, investing in a good pair of polarised sunglasses can make your experience more comfortable and potentially more successful. Choosing the right lens colour based on your fishing environment and personal preferences will further enhance your visual clarity and overall enjoyment.

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